7 Ways to Entertain Your Little Ones over the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time for your little ones, but coming up with ideas to keep them entertained can be tricky. Not to worry, our handy dandy list below will be your saving grace this Christmas break, helping to keep your kids busy and your mind sane. 


1. Teach them yoga

Ok, let’s be real. We know they won’t take it seriously but that’s half the fun. Yoga is great for all ages, helping to loosen up the body and exercise muscles we normally don’t use. Plus, if you have particularly rowdy kids, this may help to settle them down and restore a little peace to your home, even if just for half an hour. We suggest diffusing an essential oil or spritzing the air with a calming room spray to really set the mood.


2. Plant a veggie patch

Growing your own veggies is an awesome holiday activity with benefits you can reap all year round, and getting you kids involved in the process is a great way to show them how rewarding hard work can be. This activity is also great if you’re looking to eat more organic produce.


3. Volunteer together

We cannot recommend this one enough. Since it’s the season of giving, give back to those less fortunate by donating your time to a local charity.


4. Backyard camping

There’s just something so exciting about sleeping in a tent, regardless of where it’s pitched, which is why we’re huge advocates for backyard camping. Set your little ones up out with sleeping bags, pillows and snacks and voila, they’ll be as happy as Larry for a whole night.


5. Cook with your kids

Getting your kids to help out in the kitchen is a great way to teach healthy eating habits from a young age. Remember to be patient with them and try to make the process fun. As a bonus, knowing they had a role in making the meal may also limit objections at the dinner table. Gotta love that!


6. Get them to make a movie

The movie-making capabilities of smart devices these days are super impressive and it’s actually super easy to make good quality movies. Set your little ones up with an ipod or ipad, some props and let they’re imagination run wild. This can provide hours of entertainment and the resulting movie will be just as entertaining for you as it was for them to make.


7. Visit your local library

Libraries are a great place to pass the time over the holiday period and nurture your little one’s growing brain. Find a nice spot to sit and read with them or let them pick out some books for the week ahead, whatever you can do to get them excited about reading.


Photo by Julietta Watson on Unsplash