Improve Your Nutritional Intake With Convenient Spirulina Tablets

Morlife presents the ultimate solution to wellness with Certified Organic Spirulina Tablets, a wholefood solution to help boost your intake of greens.

Spirulina is nature’s very own superfood, derived from single-celled, blue green algae. It grows only in alkaline waters and has a high content of chlorophyll. Spirulina has a high ratio of plant pigments and phytonutrients, including phycocyanin and carotenoids.

Containing up to 70% protein, Spirulina is ideal for those who are active as it contains all the essential and non essential amino acids. It is a whole food ‘multi nutrient’ containing an array of vitamins including iron.

Morlife’s Certified Organic Spirulina Tablets are free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours & preservatives making them ideal for those wanting to improve their nutritional intake. 


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