Warm up this Winter with the perfect lattes

Warm up this winter with our enticing range of winter warmer beverages, there is 1 to suit every mood!

Winter latte range

Craving a bit of chocolate and relaxation? Enjoy the decadence of Cacao Bliss, with only 1g of sugar per serve, you’ll definitely bliss out, relax and enjoy every sip. Cacao Bliss is gluten free and has the benefits the prebiotic fibre; inulin. Containing functional ingredients, cacao maca, lemon balm, eleuthero and gingko, there truly is no better drinking chocolate on the market!

Nourish your body with the benefits of turmeric and uplift yourself with our very own Golden milk. Vegan and gluten free, Turmeric Latte is enriched with functional ingredients, prebiotics, ginger extract and black pepper extract. Completely free from added sugars, Turmeric Latte is naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit Powder and has an enchanting spiced vanilla flavour.

Enliven your senses with our Instant ChaI’Q Latte, containing real chai flavours; cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and clove. Only containing 1g of sugar per serve, our ChaI’Q Latte has an exquisite taste thanks to its sweet and creamy coconut, honey and inulin base. Featuring functional ingredients; gingko, eleuthero and bacopa, ChaI’Q Latte will fuel your inner fire and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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