Antiox Pops

We guarantee you won’t find another superfood packed Popsicle recipe like this! Vibrant, nutritious, delicious and simple are just a few words to describe these babies. They will soon be your favourite cool down snack for summer!

antiox pops recipe

For this recipe you’re going to need a blender and of course, popsicle moulds, we used one with 6 moulds. They can easily be found at home department or discount stores.

Our very own Antioxreds stars in the red layer of these delicious popsicles. Besides its deliciously fruity taste, Antioxreds contains an impressive 15 antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables to provide the ultimate antioxidant benefits!

We’ve also incorporated an array of our fantastic superfoods in the other layers of the popsicles. Morlife Certified Organic Acai Powder adds to the antioxidant benefits by providing an impressive hit of antioxidants including anthocyanins.

Antioxreds pops recipe

Coconut Water Powder is another superfood which we’ve added with the pineapple layer. Our coconut powder is definitely refreshing, making it ideal for revitalising yourself on those hot summer days!

In the final layer of the popsicles, we added in our Certified Organic Spirulina Powder, I know some of you are probably shocked at the thought, but don’t worry you can barely taste it! Spirulina is known as ‘King of the Supergreens’, for good reason too! Our Spirulina contains important phytonutrients and antioxidants including beta-carotene and Phycocyanin. It also features chlorophyll, a beneficial plant pigment. It doesn’t stop there! Our Spirulina also contains 14% of the recommended daily intake for iron in just a 3.5g serve!

antiox pops recipe

So there you have it! These guys are really easy to make, and only require around 5 minutes between each layer to set. Once you’ve poured in all your layers, you want to wait at least 4 hours for them to set entirely. It’s best to make them before you go to bed to allow them to properly set through the night. 


superfood recipeGLUTEN FREE RECIPE




PREP TIME: 20 mins

SET TIME: 4 hours 

MAKES: 6 popsicles



½ cup frozen blueberries
½ cup almond milk
1 tsp Morlife Certified Organic Acai Powder


1 cup pineapple, cubed
1 tsp. Morlife Coconut Water powder
½ cup water


2 pears, chopped
½ cup coconut water
½ tsp Morlife Certified Organic Spirulina Powder


½ cup frozen raspberries
tsp. Morlife Antioxreds powder



  1. Blend each individual colour layer separately and set aside.
  2. Pour your first layer into each popsicle mould. Place in freezer and leave for five minutes.
  3. Remove from freezer and pour your next colour layer in each popsicle mould. Repeat this step until all layers have been poured.
  4. Once all layers have been done, set in freezer for 4 hours or preferably overnight.
  5. When you want to enjoy your supercharged popsicles, run the moulds under warm water in the sink to hep separate the mould from the popsicle. This will make it easier to pull out and prevent from breaking. Enjoy immediately.