Coconut & Oat Bliss Balls

For Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC day is a really significant day to reflect and be grateful to the men and women who lost their lives and loved ones defending the freedom of our countries. A big part of our culture is to mark important dates with food, and the Anzac biscuit will be very familiar to so many families in Australia and New Zealand as a way to mark the day.

The history of the Anzac biscuit goes like this: Traditional Anzac biscuits were often sent to soldiers abroad by their wives and mothers. They were a popular choice because they kept well so wouldn’t spoil during the long transport process. They have been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps for many years. These days, Anzac biscuits are made commercially, and there are lots of recipes out there to make your own from home.

anzac bliss balls recipe

anzac bliss balls recipe

Typically, Anzac biscuits are made from oats, coconut, golden syrup, sugar, butter and flour. We came up with an Anzac inspired recipe that ticks the box on taste BIG time, but is so much more nutritious. Instead, we've turned biscuits into bliss balls and we're so happy how they turned out!

anzac bliss balls recipe


PREP TIME: 15 mins

MAKES: 12-16 balls


1 cup desiccated coconut

½ cup rice bran oil

10 medjool dates

1 cup almond butter

2 tbsp almond milk

1 tbsp Vanilla essence

1 tsp Morlife Coconut Water Powder

1/2 cup rolled oats

*NOTE: Although no dairy is added to this recipe, our Morlife Coconut Powder has trace milk solids in there. You can omit this if you wish



  1. Place the medjool dates, almond butter and vanilla in a food processor and blend until smooth. 
  2. Add the rice bran oil, desiccated coconut, rolled oats, almond milk, Morlife Coconut Water Powder and a pinch of salt. Process until the mixture comes together.
  3. Spoon out a heaped tablespoon worth of the mixture and roll the mixture into balls. Roll each ball over a plate containing desiccated coconut and oats to coat the outside.
  4. Place on a plate then put in the fridge for half an hour to harden.