Deep Sea Beauty Bowl

Get your glow on the go with this blue bowl that's big on benefits!

Not only will this Insta-worthy breakfast option taste amazing, but because it contains our Marine Collagen +C it brings skin-plumping goodness. 

Deep Sea Beauty Bowl

But the pros to whipping up this beauty are more than skin deep...

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. Collagen production naturally declines with age and as the structural integrity of collagen decreases, wrinkles form and joint cartilage weakens. Collagen is one product you will want to add to your daily routine!

We made this collagen mix unflavoured so you can easily blend it into beautiful creations.

And because we know you want those compliments on your complexion, we also added in our Goji Antiox Toasted Muesli With FOS  as it's high in antioxidants to balance free radicals which can damage skin cells.... not to mention it gives this creation a "crunch" factor.

With a refreshing, tropical taste, this blended beauty will hit all the right spots while making you dream of weekends spent beachside.

Deep Sea Beauty Bowl


protein recipe




MAKE TIME: 15 mins

SERVES: 1 bowl




1 cup frozen banana

1 cup frozen pineapple

¼ teaspoon Morlife Blue Spirulina

1 serve Morlife Marine Collagen

2 tsp. lime juice

1 cup coconut yoghurt

¼ cup almond milk

½ cup Goji Antiox Toasted Muesli With FOS 


  1. Add banana, pineapple, spirulina, Morlife Marine Collagen, lime juice, half cup of yoghurt and almond milk to a blender and process until smooth (feel free to add extra ice).

  2. Spoon 3 tbsp. of the blue blend into a cup or bowl and add ½ cup of Morlife Goji Antiox® Toasted Muesli with FOS on top.

  3. Add another layer of yoghurt (½ cup) and pour the rest of the blue blend on top. You can always add fruits and/or nuts for extra nutrition. Enjoy!