Creepy Crawly Clean Treats


There’s nothing scarier than artificial ingredients, so these 8-legged lurkers ain’t all that bag. Featuring real food ingredients and no hidden nasties, don’t get caught up in a web of nutrition lies and snack smarter this Halloween.



1 x Morlife® Ashy Bines Choc Orange Treats 260g

1 x Tsp Activated Charcoal

1 x Black Ready To Roll Icing Packet

1 x Edible Sugar Eyeball Decorations Packet



🕸️ Combine all Choc Orange Treat ingredients together following the instructions on the packet.

🕸️ Add 1 tsp of activated charcoal to the mixture and combine.

🕸️ Roll mixture into balls.

🕸️ Add 2 eyes to each ball.

🕸️ Shape ready to roll icing into spider legs (8 per ball) and place in fridge for 30 mins to harden.

🕸️ Attach legs to balls by pressing them into the sides.

🕸️ Voilà! Creepy crawly clean treats ready for munching!