Eye-cy Lychee Elixir

Collagen supplementation is a daily commitment and Halloween is no exception. So get your glow on and glug this googly elixir for skin that any witch would kill for. But be warned, consuming eyeballs may give you otherworldly visions so eat at your own risk!



8 small black grapes

8 lychees

1 tbsp Morlife® Beauty Antiox - Berry Deluxe

Handful of ice

400mls water



  • Insert 1 grape into each lychee. Set aside.
  • Add Beauty Antiox, ice and 400mls of water to a tall, clear glass. Mix well.
  • Add 7 lychee eyeballs to the glass.
  • Stick a skewer through the remaining eyeball and place it on top of the glass as a garnish.
  • Enjoy!