Gut-Lovin’ Layered Smoothie


Smoothies are already amazing enough on their own, but SMOOTHIES WITH LAYERS??? Now that’s a whole other level of drool. This beautiful gut-lovin’ smoothie is both fruity & creamy in equal measure and offers a delicious new experience with every layer. Drink the rainbow and nourish your insides with this totally photo-worthy smoothie that really delivers on the wow-factor and makes your tastebuds dance.



Tropical Mango Layer


Chia Layer


Berry Melon Layer



  1. Mix chia layer ingredients together and put aside until mixture thickens.
  2. Blend tropical mango layer ingredients together. Repeat with berry melon layer ingredients. Put both layers into the fridge until chia layer is ready.
  3. To assemble, place the berry melon layer into a tall smoothie glass. Cover with chia layer and top with berry melon layer.
  4. Enjoy!