Quinoa Risotto In A Jar

Quinoa Risotto in a jar recipe

Quinoa has easily become one of the most well-known superfoods in the world… and for good reason! From famous chefs using it in their culinary creations, to mums in their home cooking; this versatile wholegrain can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, hot or cold! Even though quinoa is technically a ‘seed’, it is actually considered a ‘wholegrain’ that holds countless benefits like high protein, iron, fibre and minerals. Being gluten free and non-GMO, it’s the perfect base for lunches, dinners and breakfasts as it has sustainable energy and contains all round high nutritional value.

Getting back to work ready with lunch prep ideas? Try this wholesome salad jar made with Morlife Mediterranean Tomato and Herb Quinoa Risotto. Delicious, simple and satisfying!