Sweet Char-Spookery Board


Feast your eyes upon the most morbidly munchable banquet to ever walk the earth. Crawling with spider cookies and other nightmarish nibbles, say R.I.P. to your hunger because this petrifying platter will slay it in seconds. But be warned, once you start grazing, you won't be able to stop!





Using the themed treats listed above (click on the links for the recipes) along with the other components listed and any other nibbles your dark heart desires, lay out your spooky snacks on a large tray or board and decorate with Halloween props. Think skulls, spiders, fairy lights and other hocus pocus! This a spread that you can get as creative as you like with, so the items we’ve listed are merely a loose guideline for what you can do. And always remember, you can pipe a ghost face onto pretty much anything!