Whipped Beauty Coffee

Can't make it to your favourite cafe for an Iced Coffee?
We're bringing the cafe to you with our take on this TikTok trend. ⁠⠀
Plus we've added our Creamy Vanilla Beauty Protein, which tastes so good you would think we've added Ice-Cream!
Whipped Beauty Coffee⁠⠀
2 Tbsp Instant Coffee⁠⠀
2 Tbsp Sugar⁠⠀
2 Tbsp Hot Water⁠⠀
1 Tbsp Creamy Vanilla Beauty Protein⁠
1 Cup Milk ⁠⠀
1. Mix milk and beauty protein in a shaker. ⁠⠀
2. Combine coffee, sugar and hot water in a bowl and mix with electric beater for 5-7 minutes until peaks form. ⁠⠀
3. Add whipped coffee to milk and ENJOY. ⁠⠀