Acai Protein

As superfoods go, acai rightly deserves its recognition as one of the most powerful and beneficial for our health. Acai berries are incredibly rich in antioxidants, which help to fight back against free radicals that lead to the ageing of the body. They also help to improve circulation and heart health and boost brain function too.

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Acai Protein – The Healthy, Filling and Energy Giving Protein products

Most notably, the antioxidant and vitamin-rich make-up of acai is said to boost energy levels and help with muscle recovery. Combining these properties with the natural high protein content and abundant array of amino acids provided by acai berries and you’ve got a great reason why acai makes for an excellent core ingredient for plant-based protein products.

As a natural source of energy and an active contributor to muscle recovery, acai protein products may be hugely beneficial to athletes and regular gym goers. As protein products go too, acai protein bars and acai supplements are naturally tasty and tend to contain far less added sweeteners than many standard protein products.

Buy Acai Protein Bars From Morlife – The Plant-Based Protein Bars

Plant-based protein bars can be difficult to find, and acai protein bars even more so. However, here at Morlife, we’ve got some very tasty, own brand acai protein bars for you to easily purchase acai protein online. Our Morlife Acai ProteinBody Bars are the perfect on-the-go, pre and post workout snack, provided a great blend of plant-based proteins, greens, minerals and superfoods.

Each tasty acai protein bar is packed full of functional herbs, certified organic barley grass and acai powder and amino acids while remaining free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners.

If you’re in the market for filling protein bars that are actual beneficial for your health yet still taste great, Morlife Acai ProteinBody Bars are precisely what you are looking for. You have the option to buy individual bars to give them a try, or you can save money and buy in bulk once you’ve fallen in love with their filling and flavoursome nature.

We have received rave reviews from our customers about our acai protein bars – why not give them a try today by adding a couple to your shopping cart?

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Whether you’re seeking sports nutrition foods and supplements, detox powders and drinks, herbal teas, staple superfoods or even vegan proteins and supplements, Morlife are your complete go-to online health shop. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” – that’s the Morlife philosophy.

Australian owned and operated, Morlife is not only one of Australia’s leading brands in health supplements and health foods, but a celebrated brand globally. For almost three decades, we have committed ourselves to developing health products and supplements, utilising the finest in functional superfoods.

Today, we are proud to stock an extensive range of award-winning superfood-based products, each of which are easily available for you to purchase from our online store. We’re driving a wellness revolution – and we want to take you on board with us for the journey!

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