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Real You, Real Beauty
The Inside Solution - Collagen

Take any way, ensuring each day

Fact 1

We know, that our skin structure strands, Collagen, is lost each year by about 1.5%

Fact 2

Take Collagen with Vitamin C and we can rebuild the skin structure.

Keeping our skin plump, hydrated and youthful is a real goal – look young, feel young, be ‘into life’.

The challenge then, to ensure we always take collagen every day is achieved, rather easily, by incorporating collagen with another product we are already taking, a greens, a protein, in coffee or take in a drink of water – though this is water with a real difference.

How can good skin
impact me?

The Adventurous Female

25 - 34 Years

Yes I want to take action to prevent natural ageing signs that is time-efficient, so it easily fits in my regime. Yes I want to look good and gain more beauty from within for my own self worth and in the eyes of others.

The Busy Mum

35 - 44 Years

Yes I want to take action to prevent natural ageing signs that is time-efficient, so it easily fits in my regime.

Bring out the real you
glowing with beauty...


As women, we’ve been taught to believe that the “real me“ is revealed when we apply cosmetics to our skin, cleansers, foundation....

Of course as we age, our skin dries and wrinkles, making the challenge greater.

Now, research gives us a fresh look at how beauty is cultivated from within by eating the right skin nutrients.


We deeply understand the science of the ageing process and know that true beauty lies within. Here’s what we have discovered: it doesn’t really matter what source your collagen comes from, nor does it matter what ‘type’ of collagen you use. What really matters is how the collagen is processed.

This is why we use only premium hydrolysed collagen peptides. These small chains of amino acids bypass digestion and enter the body so it can act as collagen, replenishing depleted collagen stores. Collage peptide intake has been clinically shown to plump up old and tired skin, improves hydration, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using the right collagen allows us to age gracefully.


Each of the Collagen Pantry™ products gives benefits beyond collagen. So when you just need a coffee, you get Beauty Brew, with collagen and keto-friendly nutrients.

When you drink our Beauty Protein, you will get collagen + protein to fuel strong toned muscles + nourish a healthy gut.

Our Beauty Greens is in fact greens superfoods for alkalising benefits, mixed with collagen and skin-loving herbs.

Feeling thirsty? Enjoy the magical benefits, coloured with nutrition, and either with immune or calming herbal nutrients. The right nutrients for each function. Feel the difference.

Why a Collagen Pantry®?

We all lead lives that are becoming more and more busy.

Consumers want more convenient versions of foods they already consume but with added health benefits to get more nutrition from everyday food.

The biggest issue with getting enough collagen is that we need to consume it every day! But drinking the same product daily can become monotonous, and our needs change. Even more important is that not all consumers have the same needs + tastes.

The Collagen Pantry targets the needs of many audiences following many diets and lifestyles, to ensure you can obtain a collagen in a way preferable to your needs and taste.


Beauty Greens

• 5000 mg Collagen Peptides

• 5 Gluten free Certified Organic SuperGreens

• Coral Calcium for Trace Minerals

• 98% RDI Vitamin C

• Beautifying Botanicals - Gotu Kola, Rosehips, Hibiscus & Elderberry

• 2 Flavours: Juicy Mango & Watermelon Mint

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Beauty Water

• 5000 mg Collagen Peptides

• Hydrate & Glow on the Go

• 200% RDI Vitamin C

• Antioxidants

• Wholefoods

• 2 Flavours: Calm Berry & Zesty C Protect

• Natural Vibrant colours from Blue Spirulina and Carrot Extracts

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Beauty Brew

• 2500 mg Collagen Peptides

• Single Origin Brazilian Freeze-dried Coffee

• Keto Friendly

• Medium Chain Triglycerides

• Adaptogenic Herbs

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Beauty Protein

• 8600 mg Collagen Peptides

• Enzymes to support protein breakdown

• Builds lean muscle

• Bourbon Vanilla Bean

• Over 16 grams of protein per serve

• Prebiotic Fibres

• 2 Flavours: Double Choc & Creamy Vanilla

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Our Goal
Youthful skin, for sure

Let’s be frank. People do not change habits easily, they try with good intent but easily give up. We must find a way to make success getting to good skin.

What we know is that a real likely answer, some understanding of why we failed before and why we may succeed this time is good motivation.

But with the Collagen Pantry, we came up with a way, that ‘piggybacked’ on existing habit to ensure success.

For when a person sees and feels real skin results, they become super empowered to keep winning. This is so self rewarding as people then are empowered to keep on caring for their skin, their beauty, their real you.

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