2019's Best Beauty Hack Revealed...

It’s time to revamp your pantry..

Forget spending hours in front of the mirror, our new Collagen Pantry is your on the go beauty routine. Wake up with Beauty Brew, hit the gym with Beauty Protein, sip your way through the day with Beauty Water and get your daily dose of greens with Beauty Greens.

Want glowing, hydrated skin? To reduce fine lines and wrinkles? To look youthful without smothering your face in expensive creams that send you out of pocket and looking the same - we got you. Our Collagen Pantry uses clinically proven premium VERISOL hydrolysed collagen peptides that will leave you looking and feeling radiant from the inside out!

Reap the benefits of collagen, 6 ways, your way. We’ve designed a range that will help you get your collagen hit anytime, anywhere, in the convenience of delicious beverages to suit your lifestyle and diet. Sick of ordering the same coffee every day? Or drinking the same old bland protein shake? Hate cringing every time you take a sip of your greens? Or maybe you find it hard to hit your water intake because water is just so boring? We’ve amplified and beautified your boring old daily staples to make your life a little more convenient, tasty and of course beautiful. You’re welcome.

You’ve probably heard all the rage about collagen the past year and there’s good reason as to why it’s become so popular. I mean, everyone wants to look and feel their best right? As we age our body loses the ability to replenish its collagen stores naturally, which subsequently causes our skin to lose elasticity and hydration – causing fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen pantry is naturopath formulated, containing wholefoods nutrition rich in vitamins, minerals and above all - premium Verisol collagen. Each and every product is Gluten and dairy free, contain no soy and no added sugar, like we said, we got you. Last but not least, this range is family friendly – say yes to those tiny voices you hear that beg for any and everything you go to consume.

Now we have all that out of the way, let us introduce you to what’s inside our Collagen Pantry…

Beauty Greens - Containing 5 Certified Organic Super Greens to support optimal body function and Acerola for immune and antioxidant support. You’ll finally be excited to take your greens once you try our incredible Juicy Mango blend.

Beauty Water - Zesty C Protect is formulated to support your immune system, take the monotony out of hydration with this fruity formulation to help you increase your water intake.
Calm Berry is packed full of antioxidants and features adaptogenic herbs Withania, Lavender and Acerola and also contains Vitamin C.

Beauty Brew - Featuring adaptogenic herbs Mucuna, Withania and Guarana, this bulletproof coffee is formulated to compliment a ketogenic diet, providing 80 mg of caffeine to help you power through the day.

Beauty Protein – A blend of plant based (pea and brown rice) and collagen proteins crafted to help you tone, repair and sculpt shapely muscles. Choose from two delicious flavours; Double Choc or Creamy Vanilla

Open up our new Collagen Pantry and rejuvenate your beauty from within!

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