21 Things To Do At Home These School Holidays


School has wrapped up for another term which means your little one is home for the holidays and now it’s up to you to entertain them. Eeek!

But not to worry, we’ve kindly curated 21 activities to keep your little one's hands busy and minds active during the holiday period. And as an added bonus, these are all things you can do at home!


  1. Gather cushions & boxes and build a massive fort.
  2. Make Origami animals. Think paper swans and jumping frogs.
  3. Decorate the fence with chalk drawings. This one is great because it gives your little one plenty of room to be creative, plus clean-up is easy; either hose it down or wait for it to rain!
  4. Make some homemade playdoh.
  5. Using throw away items like empty cereal boxes and plastic caps, get creative and craft all kinds of fun creatures.
  6. Draw with your feet. This one makes for a great challenge and some very interesting artwork.
  7. Collect items to put into a time capsule.
  8. Have a disco in the living room and play all kinds of games. We’re talking freeze dance, musical chairs and, of course, an epic dance off.
  9. Learn to juggle.
  10. Hold a scavenger hunt in the garden. Hide toys, treats and more.
  11. Do a yoga session together. There are plenty of free follow-along classes on YouTube, plus it’s a great way to get your body moving.
  12. Set up an obstacle course either inside the house or out in the garden and time how long it takes them to get through it. The more obstacles the course has, the better.
  13. Play hide and seek. An oldie but a goodie.
  14. Lay down in the garden and spot characters in the clouds.
  15. Cull their closet! Get them to try on everything in their wardrobe and toss items that are too small or no longer worn into a pile. Afterwards, donate the clothes to charity!
  16. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  17. Grab some butchers paper and trace their body. Get them to fill in the figure with as many body parts and organs as they can.
  18. Travel the world virtually! Simply pull up Google Maps and select ‘Satellite View’. See the pyramids, stroll through Times Square and visit Disneyland all from the comfort of your couch.
  19. Get them to create a family emblem or song. Have them include elements that mean something to your family.
  20. Challenge them to write a story involving 3 specific things.
  21. Gather some old clothes (potentially those you threw in the donate pile *wink wink*), then have them create miniature clothes for their toys.


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