3 Ways NOT To Have Your Alkalising Greens


Smoothies, yoghurt, raw desserts, with your protein... there are so many amazing ways you can have your Alkalising Greens, but there are also a few ways that won't make the list. Below we compiled the three ways you should NEVER have your Alkalising Greens!



Best to not have your greens in hot water.

Not only will it be totally disgusting, it will also destroy many of the benefits that we have worked so hard to include in the formulation. The probiotics will be killed and no longer be able to help populate your gut with good bacteria, and the antioxidants (especially vitamin C) will be damaged and no longer be able to fight the good fight against free radicals. 


A Morlife employee stumbled across this one awkwardly at the airport (think accidental impromptu fifth-grade volcano experiment) after adding her Alkalising Greens to sparkling water which she thought might be super refreshing. Instead she just ended up with a huge mess. Once we thought about it – it made total sense. Soda water is made from dissolving carbon dioxide in water to form carbonic acid. When a solid is dropped into the soda it provides a surface (known as a nucleation point) where the carbon dioxide bubbles can rapidly form.  Because our Alkalising Greens is in a powder form, there is a very large surface area to volume ratio (lots of surface area means lots of nucleation points and LOTS of carbon dioxide gas forming).

Obviously you also wouldn’t be able to shake up your greens if it was in soda too, so it’s just not a good idea.


Drinking coffee or tea just before or soon after having your greens isn’t a great idea. Coffee and tea contain tannins – which is also the compound that gives a bitter and acidic flavour. Tannins can bind to minerals and make them unavailable for absorption by the body, and given that one of the most beneficial features of our Alkalising Greens is the “alkalising minerals”, it would be a real shame to add tannins into the mix to make them unavailable. Avoid this problem by having coffee or tea at least a half hour after taking your Alkalising Greens on an empty stomach or if you like to have your Alkalising Greens with a meal, wait two hours before consuming coffee/tea as it will take longer for the Alkalising Greens to be digested and travel through your stomach when adding food into the mix. 

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