3 Wellness Trends You Should Totally Try


They say it’s the little one-percenters that make a big difference in the long run and we couldn’t agree more. We’re always on the hunt for simple but meaningful ways we can improve our wellness and we’ve come across a few we think will make a world of difference for you, as they have for us. Wellness is something we need to constantly work towards, we need to actively improve and maintain it otherwise it can diminish as quickly as we reached it. We believe these three tips will make a meaningful and refreshing change to your everyday routine.

First up, we’ve discovered breathwork. We realise this can sound a little silly considering there is minimal effort required to breathe however we’re not talking about the unconscious breathing that happens every second of every day. We’re talking about deep belly, considered breathing. Research suggests undertaking meaningful deep breathing will reduce your blood pressure, lower your stress and minimise anxiety levels. Connecting your conscious mind to deep breaths helps to elicit the body’s relaxation response and calm the body. There are many different forms of breathwork ranging from simple techniques you can do on the go to more technical practices. Not only can these practices help you physiologically, but they will benefit your sleep hygiene just as much.

On that note, let’s jump into our next topic – sleep hygiene. One thing we can all agree on is that we need more of it. Sleep hygiene describes your sleeping routine and habits, this includes whether you achieve enough uninterrupted sleep, if you can fall asleep easily and if you wake feeling rested. Quality of sleep can impact absolutely everything in your day and how well you can cope with unexpected everyday stressors. Admittedly it isn’t always easy to get the sleep we know we need, however hopefully our practical tips will help in some way.

  •         Going to bed and waking up at the same time will help to get your body into a routine and will aid to ‘set’ your body clock for you to feel sleepy around the same time each evening.
  •         We can all admit we often get into bed and scroll our phones for much longer than we should. The light from your phone screen can stimulate the production of melatonin which will definitely make it more difficult to fall asleep, try setting your alarm for the morning and put your phone face down. Hopefully this will make you less tempted to use it while you’re falling asleep. Making your sleeping area as dark as possible will prevent any extra melatonin from being produced and keep your sleep cycle under control.
  •         If you commonly stress about things when you get into bed, keep a notepad next to your bed so you’re able to jot down anything you’re worried about. This will help free your mind up and hopefully help you enter la-la land swiftly.

Lucky last, and equally as important, we have explored mindful eating. In our busy lives, we are often eating on the go, while multitasking, in front of the TV or whilst on our phones. While this may be a great time-saver, it is terrible for our digestion and will almost always lead to overeating. Mindful eating is the practice of being in the moment and being aware of what food and drink you put into your body. You should observe how the food makes you feel during and after eating, how the food tastes, how satisfied you feel and your fullness cues. Mindful eating will teach you to eat your food slower, engage your senses, appreciate your food and how to distinguish your true hunger triggers. It’s important to eat without distractions surrounding you, meaning you should turn the TV off, put your phone down and sit down in a comfortable spot. Eating slowly, chewing well, focusing on how the food makes you feel and stopping when you’re full won’t only benefit your digestion but will prevent you from feeling unwell due to overeating.

We have found these straightforward yet impactful tips super helpful and have started off our year feeling great! We hope these can be a useful reminder to listen to, nourish and honor your body to help you feel your absolute best.


Much love,

Morlife x


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