5 life hacks to stay organised and productive for the week ahead

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re on top of your game, organised and prepared for whatever the week throws at you. Follow our helpful tips and guide to plan for an organised week ahead to ensure optimal productivity!

life hacks to stay organised

Make a list & set a schedule
This is always the best place to start at the beginning of a new week! And how satisfying is that feeling of ticking off tasks on your to do list? When planning out your weekly tasks, be realistic in setting deadlines and prioritize what’s most important. From here, schedule and allocate times to get through each task in order to stay focused and achieve the desired outcome.

Creating a set routine not only provides structure, but also makes you more efficient as you know exactly what needs to be done during that time. It also helps you stay motivated for what you set out to do by having consistency each day. A great plus with having a routine is that it reduces the need to plan allowing you to simply wake up and ‘do’ rather than wake up and plan!

Whether it be walking, running, swimming or team sports, exercise is important for multiple reasons. Getting your body moving relieves stress making you more relaxed and able to focus on what’s ahead. Having that time to your self also gives you a mental break and allows you to think and reflect.

Put yourself first
No matter how busy you are it’s important to always put your health and mental state first. When working long hours, don’t forget to stay hydrated and nourish your body with nutrients. Set your desk up with all the essentials such as healthy snacks and water. Our Functional Tea Range is the perfect option to keep handy at your desk alongside a kettle and mug to ensure you’re getting plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Reflect & evaluate
At the end of each day, reflect and evaluate. Reflect on what you enjoyed doing the most, try and incorporate this more into your daily life. Evaluate on what was accomplished, what could you have done better? Try and learn from each day to better the next day.

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