Invest In Our Planet with these Sustainable Swaps

Hello Dear Earthling,
Here is your reminder that we all need to collectively invest in our planet and start incorporating simple sustainable switches to make every day Earth Day!
  1. Ditch fast fashion
    Choose businesses that are transparent in sharing their sustainable business practices and invest in quality fashion that will last, or visit your local op-shop this weekend - you never know what you might find!
  2. Choose to reuse
    Heading out to get your daily caffeine fix? Remember to pack your reusable cup! Not only do reusable cups help keep your coffee hotter for longer, but they also reduce the amount of takeaway cups that end up in landfill. Did you know 2.7 million coffee cups get thrown away every day in Australia?
  3. Clean up your community
    It can be as simple as picking up a couple of pieces of rubbish while you walk around the neighbourhood. You could be helping to stop that bit of trash ending up in the ocean!
  4. Reduce your electricity usage
    Light some candles, grab a book or a board game and snuggle up for a cozy night in, free from technology.
  5. Pick the plant-based option
    Picking the vegan option doesn't mean you need to compromise on taste! Grab some of our delicious vegan snacks and supplements or try a new plant-based recipe to reduce your environmental footprint and add a bit of variety to your diet. Check out our vegan recipe ideas for loads of tasty inspiration.

Visit the official Earth Day site for even more ways you can play your part to reduce your carbon footprint. 

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