5 Ways To Show More Gratitude Everyday

What are you grateful for this World Gratitude Day? Big or small, writing out the things you are grateful for is a simple tool that can have transformative results for your mental well-being. In fact, research shows that expressing gratitude can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and can even give you an immediate boost of dopamine and serotonin. Here are a few simple ways to bring a little more gratitude into your day, so you can start seeing the world through a sunnier lens.

How to show more gratitude

  1. Find awe in the ordinary
    Did you wake up 2 minutes before your alarm went off? Did your partner take out the trash without having to be reminded? Did you tick something off your to-do list that has been bugging you? Add it to your daily gratitude list! Your gratitude list doesn't need to be reserved for momentous occasions. Finding little things to be thankful for each day will slowly rewire your mind to notice all the amazing things that are often taken for granted.
  2. Make it a habit
    Habit stacking your gratitude journaling with an already established habit can help you easily incorporate it into your daily routine. Listing 3 things you're grateful for in the morning, perhaps while you sip a warm beverage, can set a positive tone for the rest of the day and train your brain to notice more things you can add to your list as the day goes on.
  3. Switch up the delivery method
    Writing out your daily gratitude in a journal is a great place to start and can be a useful resource to re-read on days when you need an extra dose of positivity. Verbalising your gratitude to your friends and family shows your appreciation for the people in your life and opens up a conversation of positive and uplifting dialogue. Writing out your gratitude in the notes app on your phone is a great alternative to mindless scrolling, and allows you to add to your gratitude list when you’re on the go.
  4. Broaden your outlook
    Everyday occurrences can be entries in your gratitude list if you simply rewire your perception. For instance, focusing on the fact that you get to cook yourself a delicious and nutritious meal, rather than seeing it as a chore. Or choosing to look at your daunting work project as an opportunity for professional development. Or that your body is healthy and able to make it through your workout. Your daily gratitude can cover your social life, family life, mental and physical well-being, personal development, physical space and any other parts of life that you find happiness in.
  5. Find the 'why' 
    On the days you have more time to delve into the ‘why’ behind your gratitude, write out the reason you are thankful to create a deeper connection with the things you have listed. For example; My colleague complimented my outfit today which made me feel really confident and boosted my mood for the rest of the afternoon. OR; My little one ate all their lunch today without a fuss so we had extra time to go to the park as a reward. You may find that finding the 'why' behind your gratitude helps you to get to know yourself on a deeper level and truly understand the things you value most in life.

When you start noticing all the things that bring you joy, you realise that there is a lot to be thankful for. Making space in your day for a little gratitude is one small thing you can start doing for your mental well-being that can have a mighty impact on your overall outlook on life. Get started by writing out 3 things you are grateful for in this moment!

To your health, team Morlife x

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