5 Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day


“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” - Edwin Chapin


The 9th of May 2021 is a day we can celebrate and show appreciation for the strongest women in our lives. Whether that's your mum, grandma or mother figure, they all deserve to feel appreciated this Mother’s Day (and of course every day). So what do you get for the woman who gave you everything? Here’s our little Mother’s Day gift guide to help you avoid buying mum a gift that will only collect dust.


Treat her to a pamper / spa day

Who doesn’t like a little pampering every now and then? Treat her to a well-deserved relaxing day spa to unwind and de-stress from daily motherhood (you could totally tag along too!). If you’re on a tighter budget, get some candles and Epsom bath salts and treat her to a relaxing pamper day in the comfort of her own home. Our beautifying Berry Deluxe Beauty Antiox and blissed out Adaptogenic De-Stress work perfectly with this idea ;)


    Give her a gift card (and don't feel guilty!)

    Buy her a gift card to her favourite store. One may think this is a thoughtless gift, but will it go to waste? No. Will your mum love it? Yes. It doesn’t even need to be a gift card to a store. If your mum loves yoga, buy her a month pass to a yoga pad. Perhaps she loves cooking, purchase a voucher to a cooking class – she is guaranteed to get good use out of it. You can also purchase one of our very own Morlife gift vouchers for those health loving mammas.


    Channel those sentimental vibes

    This is a great way to give a gift with meaning. Perhaps your mum has a beloved watch that's become worn down through the years that you could get secretly repaired, or perhaps you could create a special album featuring your favourite photos of the two of you together. Essentially anything that'll make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


    Take a day trip somewhere special

    We can get so busy in our day to day lives that it's hard for us to balance time to see family. Plan a day that she will remember and appreciate. Pack a picnic and drive somewhere with beautiful scenery or somewhere where you both spent time together during your childhood. Memories last longer than possessions, and it's a great way to further strengthen your relationship.


    Start a series together

    Good shows are better shared, so why not buy your mum a subscription to a streaming service and sink your teeth into a new series together! Perhaps you could designate one night a week to watching an episode or two with her. And don't forget the popcorn, we have our own super tasty recipe riiight here.


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