6 Daily Habits For Healthy Bowels

Bowel health is a topic that is rarely talked about but definitely should be! It has been said that our gut is the ‘second brain’ in the body, where there is a strong interaction between the brain and the digestive system. Many people today recognise that health begins in the gut, so take a look below to see how you can incorporate 6 daily habits for healthy bowels.

inulin prebiotic bowl

1. Pre & Probiotics

Possibly one of the most important supplements to add into your daily routine for complete gut health and wellness. The good bacteria that lives in our gut, which are essential for the digestion process, need to be fed and maintained with pre and probiotics. A great way to increase your pre and probiotic intake is through natural yogurt and fermented foods, like kimchi, kombucha and kefir.

Inulin and Fructooligosaccarides (FOS) are another great example of prebiotics which work by feeding the beneficial bacteria that are in our gut. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria and yeasts which work by keeping the gut healthy and thriving.

Try: Morlife Inulin Plus which combines the benefits of prebiotic fibres: Inulin & FOS. The combination of the 2 lead to different fermentation processes providing the digestive system with all the goodness they both have to offer.

Alkalising Greens also contains both pre and probiotics, and is the perfect greens powder for overall health and wellbeing, and supporting digestion.

2. Limit or cut out soft drinks and caffeine 

For optimal bowel health, it’s important to look at other factors in the diet which may contribute to bowel problems such as constipation, bloating or diarrhoea. Soft drinks and caffeinated beverages, particular those which are carbonated and high in sugar can play a big part in bowel disruption which is why they should be limited or cut out of the diet.

For a caffeine free and carbonated free alternative, try Morlife’s Instant Drink Range: Cacao Bliss, ChaI’Q Latte & Turmeric Latte which can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Morlife instant drink range

3. Exercise

Regular movement from walking, running or playing sports are ideal to get the body moving. Regular exercise increases blood flow to the organs, and the increased blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract will in turn help promote regular bowel movement and can help with constipation.

If you’re struggling to get your bowels moving, try Morlife’s Senna Klenz (this is not a solution to constipation as it should only be used as needed).

4. Water

Keeping hydrated is crucial for healthy bowels and regular bowel movement, this is especially important when consuming fibre rich foods as the pipes can get clogged up if you are not drinking enough water to flush everything out. Aim to drink at least 2-3L of water per day!

If you’re struggling to increase your fluids, try Morlife’s Tea Range: Ginger Digest, Fenugreek Flow & Dande Detox are ideal for added digestive benefits.

5. Eat regularly & slowly

Try to eat your meals roughly at the same time each day. It’s also ideal to eat small meals regularly rather than large meals less frequently, and important to eat your food slowly to ensure the body can effectively digest the food properly.

Morlife’s Quinoa Risottos come in 4 delicious varieties and are an excellent lunch or dinner option. They are gluten free, contain functional herbs and provide a good source of fibre.

6. Consume a mixture of Soluble & Insoluble Fibres

The Australian Government of National Health and Medical Research council recommends 30g of fibre a day for healthy bowels. This should include a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibres.

Soluble fibre slows digestion and helps keep you fuller for longer. It can be found in fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, oats & barley. Insoluble fibre is important for regular bowel movement, it can be found in wholegrain breads, cereals, nuts, seeds and the skins of fruits and vegetables.

For healthy, moving bowels, try Morlife’s Fibre Klenz which combines a mixture of soluble & insoluble fibres, functional foods, pre & probiotics plus more.


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