Workout Tips
Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Before you workout a food source which is fast acting and easy to digest. 1/3 cup dates, a banana, an apple or a handful of berries would make the perfect pre workout snack providing you the energy to power through your workout.

Post workout is a time to recover and refuel muscle cells which have been broken down. Consuming a protein rich snack within the hour post workout is best to ensure your muscles are repaired and replenished. Examples include; Low fat Greek yoghurt, protein shake (with Morlife Whey, Pea or Soy protein), boiled eggs or hummus on rice cakes.


Stretching warms up the muscles by increasing blood flow and circulation, decreasing chance of injury. It can also help improve flexibility giving you a broader range of motion. Flex, extend and rotate main muscle groups for at least 30 seconds before you kick start your workout!


It’s very easy to loose motivation and fall out of routine when it comes to exercising which is why it’s important to change up your workouts. Cardio doesn’t have to be done on a treadmill, mix it up with hiking, skipping, rowing, skating or dancing. Participating in group exercises such as boxing or step is also a great way to meet new people.

Stay hydrated

During exercise we are losing key electrolytes from sweating, so keep a water bottle handy to replenish the fluids lost. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and loss of coordination making it harder or persist in your workout .Try adding amino acids into your water to keep your muscles fed or sip on coconut water for maximum hydration and electrolytes. You can easily make coconut water using Morlife's Coconut Water Powder for extra hydration during your workouts!