Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Most of us are very familiar with chocolate and love nothing more than sitting back and relaxing with a mouth-watering piece. But, where does it come from and how is it made?

How is it made? 

Chocolate is made using beans harvested from the Cacao tree, Theobroma Cacao. The beans are removed from their pod then go through a series of steps to be turned into cocoa mass or cocoa liquor. Cocoa liquor can be pressed to produce cocoa butter and cocoa powder, which is originally from cocoa cake. The final chocolate you are familiar with is the cocoa liquor which is combined with cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla and milk.

Dark chocolate, the benefits: 

Dark chocolate is a much healthier alternative to milk chocolate, rich in the antioxidant Epicatechin which is a flavonoid. It has a bitter sweet taste with a more intense flavour than milk chocolate as it contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids with little or no added sugar. Dark chocolate is also packed with beneficial minerals including Potassium, Zinc and Selenium.

Morlife’s Dark Chocolate snack range includes a variety of exotic super fruits, nuts and seeds which are coated in mouth-watering dark chocolate, providing a hit of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids from the nuts & seeds. 

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