Brain Boosting Nutrition For Your Child: Welcome Morlife Junior Clever Kidz

Nurturing your little one's brain health and development is always at the top of our desires as a parent. Whether through experiences or diet, there's so much we can do for our kids and what feels like never enough time. To help nourish that budding little genius in your life (especially ones who count as fussy eaters) we've created an absolute game changer: All new Morlife Junior Clever Kidz!

Morlife Junior Clever Kidz healthy Chocolate Drinking powder

This product is something that we are very proud of, and it took us a long time to create the perfect functional chocolate drink that would combine true nutritional benefits together with a yummy choc taste… and we can tell you that we have nailed it. Morlife Clever Kidz is the ultimate chocolate drink that ticks ALL THE BOXES:

  • Yummy Choc Taste
  • Functional Benefits
  • Brain Boosting Ingredients: Omega 3 DHA, functional herbs, 7 key vitamins & minerals, plus superfoods
  • Kid Tested & Approved

Morlife® Clever Kidz is the ultimate brain booster that tastes like chocolate & gets the A+ for nurturing your little genius brain. Most chocolate drinks on the market offer nothing but taste. From a nutritional standpoint, it's sad to see kids enjoying chocolate drinks with ZERO nutritional benefits and packing their little bodies with nothing but sugars. That’s why Morlife has decided that the market needed something truly functional so that parents could be assured that their loved ones would get all the good stuff.

So let’s dive into its actual ingredients to understand the REAL benefits. Below is a figure that shows our brain supporting blend:

Morlife Clever Kidz Brain Blend

Every ingredient added to Clever Kidz is there for a special reason, and the combination of the entire formula makes our product the perfect chocolatey treat which can be conveniently added to milk or included in homemade treats. We wanted to create not only another tasty chocolate drink for kids, but also a potent formulation with well rounded nutrition aligned with key health benefits that all growing children require. Clever Kidz goes above and beyond regular chocolate drinks, as it contains:


Each serve of Clever Kidz offers a good source of calcium (50% RDI), iron (30% RDI), magnesium (27% RDI) & vitamin B1 (50% RDI); and a source of zinc (21% RDI), Vitamin B3 (12% RDI) and Vitamin B6 (22% RDI). How good is that?

Plus since we have added these vitamins and minerals in the adequate quantities we are proud to say Clever Kidz can:

  • Nurtures healthy growing brains with iron & zinc#
  • Supports immunity with iron, zinc & vitamin B6#
  • Supports strong bones & teeth with magnesium & calcium#
  • Support your kid’s neurological function with B vitamins & iron#


Ginkgo biloba, Withania somnifera and Bacopa monnieri are all traditional medicinal herbs that provide extra cognitive support.


Cocoa, Lucuma, Monk fruit and Cacao provide not only a great tasting product base, but also offer naturally occurring nutritional benefits 


Our product contains 1.8 billion probiotics (with 4 different strains of beneficial bacteria) plus 2 prebiotic fibres (inulin and acacia gum). Together these aid in maintaining digestive health and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut.


This is what makes our Clever Kidz a real super HERO! Growing brains require this omega 3 fatty acid. Many scientific studies have suggested the link between omega 3 DHA supplementation and brain development in young children+. Our omega 3 DHA is derived from an algae oil and it has been microencapsulated (which prevents the fishy smell & taste from coming through). So your little one can enjoy the best of both worlds by adding the “good type of fat” without its “fishy” aftertaste. +Role of omega-3 fatty acids in brain development and function: Potential implications for the pathogenesis and prevention of psychopathology.


Grab Morlife Clever Kidz here or looking for some Clever Kidz recipe inspiration? Click here for this yummy Chocolate Hazelnut spread.

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