Build Your Own Acai Bowl

Acai berries are an Amazonian superfood rich in antioxidants including anthocyanins and are a source of monounsaturated fatty acids. They are renowned for being the star ingredient in Acai bowls.

Acai bowls are the perfect nourishing snack to get in an array of nutrients through various foods groups such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and superfoods! They are simple and fun to make and leave you feeling satisfied!


Choose your base (choose any 2)

1 frozen banana 1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen kale 1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen mangos 1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup frozen raspberries 1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 cup frozen apple 1 cup frozen rockmelon
1 cup frozen Medjool dates 1 cup frozen avocado
1 cup frozen kiwifruit


Choose your super boost (no limit here!)

1 tsp. Morlife Maca Powder 1 tbsp. Morlife Chia Seeds
1 tbsp. Morlife Lucuma Powder 1 tsp Morlife Spirulina
1 tsp. Morlife Coconut Water Powder 1 tsp. Morlife Antiox Reds
1 tsp. Morlife Cacao Powder 1 tsp. Morlife Beetroot Powder
1 tsp. Morlife Wheat Grass 1 tsp. Morlife Barley Grass


Choose your liquid (choose 1)

½ cup almond milk ½ cup hazelnut milk
½ cup rice milk ½ cup soy milk
½ cup coconut milk ½ cup coconut water
½ cup apple juice


Choose your toppings (no limit here!)

Morlife Toasted Muesli Morlife Goji Berries
Morlife Chia Seeds Morlife Bee Pollen
Morlife Cacao Nibs Morlife Dried 5 Berry Mix
Morlife Pomegranate Seeds Nut butter
Fresh fruit Nuts

Blend your base, super boost and liquid ingredients along with 1 tbsp. Morlife Acai Powder in a blender or food processor. Pour into a bowl and garnish with your topping ingredients. 


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