4 Ways To Capitalise On The Warmer Weather


Not that it ever really gets cold here in Australia, with our winters likened to New Zealand summers, but there are definitely a number of perks that come with the seasonal change. Peep our list below for some wellness-focused things you can do this summer to capitalise on the warmer weather.

  • Start your day off with a cold shower

  • We’ve all heard the touted benefits that cold showers can have - increasing circulation, supporting glowing hair and skin, and generally helping your body to fully wake up and prepare for the day ahead. It’s also allegedly a common trait among the highly successful which makes us all the more eager to try this wellness hack. But what sounds good in theory isn’t always easy to action in real life. C’mon, we know you’ve tried it too. Standing in the doorway of your shower, cold water blasting, hesitant to rip the bandaid off and step in. Don’t feel bad, there’s a reason not many people do it!

    Now this is definitely a mind over matter situation, but the summer weather can also help ease you into this new routine. So take advantage of these soaring temps and trial cold showers for a week to see what you can get out of it. You may love the wellness benefits it brings and incorporate cold showers into your daily routine, or perhaps you might not be too phased by the effects and that’s okay, at least you gave it a shot and now have bragging rights ;)

  • Swim more

  • Unless you have the luxury of a heated pool in winter, you likely stay dry for a large chunk of the year which is a shame when you consider the wonders that swimming can do for your health and wellness. So now that the sun's out, get those buns out and hit the pool, beach, river, wherever, and get that body moving. 

    One one the best things about swimming aside from it being an absolute sigh of relief on hot days is the fact it’s exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Literal life hack. Just half an hour splashing around and getting your heart rate up will do your body a world of good and you’ll be keeping cool as well - save adding to that ever-growing A/C bill. 

  • Salads for dinners

  • We all know we should eat more raw foods, but when it’s cold out, there’s nothing quite like a piping hot meal. Thankfully, since we’re no longer battling the cold, we now have the privilege of enjoying cold meals for dinner which means *drumroll* more fruits and veggies in their finest form - raw! 

    Inspo for summer dishes can be found everywhere, but our top go-tos include spinach, strawberry, pecan and feta salad, mango and chickpea salad, and anything with fresh raspberries and turkey breast. Personally, we feel like all good salads should have fruit in them, so you really can’t go wrong! Heck, you can even do prawn and banana! There really is no limit to what you can create, just aim to pack as much natural colour into your salad as possible. 

  • Ice-ify your supplements

  • You heard us, we’re talking Adaptogenic De-Stress on the rocks, frozen Liv’a Detox pops and Complete Gut Restore nice cream. Head to our recipe blog for more ideas on switching up you fave Morlife supplements to work with the warmer weather.


    Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash 


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