Introducing Complete Gut Restore, Your All-In-One For A Happier Tum

Gut health is the cornerstone to wellness. Whether you suffer from discomfort, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or simply want to improve energy and wellbeing, the first place any naturopath will tell you to start is in your tummy.

Why? Because we are what we eat, but only if what we eat can be digested, absorbed and used by our cells. Even the healthiest diets are flushed away without optimal digestion.

Most people when they think gut health, they think about fibre. If you’re lucky and up with health trends, then maybe gut health means a little more, and you take a probiotic. But good gut health is more than just fibre, more than probiotics. It’s about feeding every cell in your digestive tract the nutrients it needs to maintain and heal itself. It’s eating a variety of antioxidant-rich plant nutrients called polyphenols that create a happy home for your gut bacteria. It’s eating not just any fibre, but the right variety and types that keep you regular and provide food for your beneficial gut bacteria. Good gut health is amping up the production of your own digestive juices and getting your metabolism pumping the way it should.

That is why we are so excited to finally welcome Complete Gut Restore to the Morlife range!

Complete Gut Restore is a glorious tropical blend that promotes a happier tummy and balances gut motility. Just one serve a day encourages gut lining repair, optimises digestive enzyme function and supports your metabolism thanks to Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins A, B2, B3, Biotin and Fibre.

Speaking of fibre, this tummy-loving blend packs over 3g in every serve, which will help you stay full for longer and keep you regular. Score!

Other standout features of this amazing product:

  • All-in-1 Gut Food
  • Multi-fibre Prebiotics
  • Polyphenol Rich Herbs
  • 5 Billion Probiotics

As Complete Gut Restore has a delicious tropical mango taste, it can be enjoyed on its own in water or added to juices, smoothies and yoghurt. All you need is 10g a day to cultivate the benefits of this glorious gut food, but Complete Gut Restore can be enjoyed up to twice daily if you’re in need of some extra support.

    Not sure if you need this product? Use our handy checklist below to find out!

    Complete Gut Restore is for you if you:

    • suffer from constipation, bloating, digestive discomfort or loose stools;
    • feel like your tummy is not as happy as you’d like it to be;
    • have a history of eating processed, high sugar foods;
    • aren’t digesting food as well as you’d like;
    • feel like you could do with an internal clean-out;
    • and/or want to support your metabolism.

    Experience life on the lighter side today with Complete Gut Restore, your all-in-one for a happier tum.


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