Our Picks For Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect chance to show appreciation to all the strong, hard working, loving fathers/father figures in our lives. Kudos to the dads out there that would play super heroes with us in the backyard and who taught us how to ride our first bike – you are the real MVP’s. Also, let’s not forget how boring life would be without a good dad joke. It’s time to give back for everything our super dads have done for us. We know dads can be hard to shop for, so we’ve compiled a few of our simple yet effective gifts for every type of Dad.

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad." -- Anne Geddes

The Dad Who Needs A Coffee Before Being Spoken To

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Start his day off right with a big hearty breakfast in bed – made with love. We’re talking, eggs and hash browns, with a side of toast and coffee, just the way he likes it. Nothing shows appreciation more than effort (and food). Try out this easy Smokey BBQ Chorizo Hash & Eggs recipe for a delicious, savoury breaky. 

The Healthy Hero Dad

We believe that the best gift you can give someone is the gift of health. Dads go through a hell of a lot each day to provide for us that sometimes they forget about looking after themselves and their health, so why not give them a little push in the right direction with our Alkalising Greens  or Plantiful Protein (don’t forget a shaker and maybe some of our sneaky little antioxidant dark chocolate treats). Make a little hamper of health to show how much you care about not only them, but their wellbeing.

Alkalising Greens sachet

The Dad Who Needs A Little Pamper Day

Dads need a little pampering too and we have discovered an amazing natural skin care brand that can do just that– Parker For Men. Give dads skin a little TLC with Parker For Men’s Foaming Cleanser and Kaolin Clay Mask - To kick off dads pamper day start with the foaming cleanser to help battle the appearance of ageing while gently cleansing, followed by the Kaolin Clay Mask which is an oil rich, high mineral clay mask that helps cleanse and replenish skin. Parker For Men also have a range of beard grooming products for our lumberjack dads. 


music dad

The Rock 'n' Roll Dad

If you've seen your dad bust out an air guitar or drum solo one too many times then maybe it's time you treat him out to a gig. Let him have fun and immerse himself in an event he doesn't get to enjoy often. If a live gig is too full on for him, treat him to a Spotify subscription so he can create his own dream playlists and listen any time.

The Dad That Already Has Everything

The easiest escape route from choosing a gift – a gift card. If you aren’t sure what dad needs, cover all grounds with a Morlife Gift Card! That way you know he'll be able to take his time and pick whatever he fancies.


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