Follow your 'Gut Feeling' to Inulin Plus

With the massive focus on Gut Health in the last few months, hopefully you all know a thing or two about the importance of looking after your gut. Just take a look at your local supermarket and you’ll see for yourself all the products focusing on improving gut function! But what does it really mean? Why is it 'Gut Health' so important these days?

Scientists have found links between the gut and several health conditions; and they have also suggested that a healthy gut is associated with an overall state of wellness. Plus, many say that “everything starts in the gut!” Therefore, we should all take very good care of our gut in order to feel well and look our best!

Our gut is the habitat for millions of bacteria, where some of them are known as “beneficial bacteria” and others as “not so friendly bacteria”. Well, our job is very simple: make sure that we always nourish the “good guys”!

So if everything starts in gut why not nourish our gut properly and make it function properly? And how do we do this? At Morlife, we place much of our efforts in research, and that is why we have found the key puzzle piece for this 'Happy Gut Puzzle'. This key ingredient is called inulin, and it seems to be everywhere these days. The buzz around inulin started last year when a program on ABC called “How to Stay Young” spoke about the benefits of this magical ingredient.

We created our first inulin product containing 100% inulin, ideal to nourish our gut bacteria. However, at Morlife we asked ourselves the question: “Is there more than just Inulin that could be beneficial for us?” This led us to take 1 step further and create a product called Inulin Plus, which is even better than pure inulin!

So, what is so special about Inulin Plus?

  • Extremely Versatile
  • Gluten Free
  • Source of Fibre
  • No Added Nasties
  • 2 Key Prebiotic Fibres
  • ACO Certified Ingredients

Inulin Plus contains 2 key prebiotic fibres: inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), that when combined offer you double the benefits! Although Inulin & FOS have the same molecular composition, the difference between them is their chain lengths. Inulin is characterised by longer segments, while FOS has shorter segments, leading to different fermentation processes in the gut. By combining both ingredients in the same product we can have all goodness that these prebiotic fibres have to offer.

Inulin and FOS


PS. we can't forget to mention that our Inulin Plus has a pleasant sweet taste and that some even say that it tastes like fairy floss!

Now it is time to ask you the question? What are you waiting for to start adding our magical Inulin Plus to you life?

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