How To Build A Grazing Board Like A Pro

Beaming with beautiful coloured fruits & vegies, delicious cheeses, crunchy nuts, dips and more, grazing platters have taken over our Instagram feed and dining tables, and we can see why! The beauty of grazing platters is that they combine a little bit of everything; they warm up the taste buds and prepare them for the main event. The great part is, they are so easy to put together and can even be done in advance, leaving the guests (and especially the hosts) happy as Larry!

For Valentines Day why not put together the ultimate nutritionist approved grazing board to impress your loved ones (because by the time dinner rolls around you’ve probably already had your daily quota of chocolate already!)

Here's our top things to consider when putting together a grazing board:

Grazing board explained

Choose your Board
You’ll need to know how many people your grazing platter is catering for and always cater for a bit extra, from here you can choose your board. We are especially digging wooden circular boards, as we like how you can fit more on them! Visually, they also look great and make the perfect table center piece.  

Eat your vegetables
Chopped vegetables make an excellent base for your grazing board. By including a range of coloured veggies, you can ensure you’re getting in your daily dose of nutrients and vitamins- this definitely gets the nutritionist tick of approval! Plus they’re going to taste extra delicious dipped in our mouth-watering SuperDip range. Our favourite veggie picks are; raw carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, sugar snap peas and capsicum.

Cater to all
Grazing platters are the perfect opportunity to cater to all tastebuds. Including a mixture of sweet and savoury foods will definitely please and provide a burst of exciting flavours. Colourful and unique fruits are an excellent addition, our favourite picks are; dragon fruit, passion fruit, figs and pomegranate. Our Dark Chocolate Coated range is also a crowd pleaser that will look excellent scattered among the platter.  Packed with antioxidants, Morlife’s Dark Chocolate Coated Dried Fruit Range provides a juicy explosion of flavour, we also have our Dark Chocolate Coated Nut range for a delicious crunch.

Complementary Foods
Foods that complement each other perfectly so it’s like a party in your mouth are definitely a win-win combination. Cheeses usually partner up well with most foods for instance; basil, tomato, and mozzarella are a match made in heaven. Sharp cheddar cheeses also go perfectly well with fresh and dried fruits. This includes Morlife’s Dried Golden Berries (Inca Berries) with their tart yet slightly sweet taste. Our Dried Golden Berries provide a source of magnesium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, making them the ultimate super berry to include on your platter.

Texture & size
Introducing a range of textures is also key to a successful grazing platter. You can include all the palatable textures with crispness from crackers, crunch from nuts & veggies, chewiness from dried fruits and creaminess from dips and cheeses.  Size is also important for your grazing platter, bite size foods are always easy for your guests to pick at. Nuts definitely fit this criteria; also pre chopping your cheese makes it super easy for all to enjoy.

Don’t forget the dip
It may be last but it definitely isn’t least! Dips provide a lush combination of colour and texture and of course make everything taste better when dipped into! Our Morlife SuperDip Range is perfect since you can make it vegan or non-vegan depending on you or your guests needs. Simply mix with hummus or coconut yoghurt to make vegan and save time reading labels in the supermarket. We have three irresistible dips to choose from and when mixed up each have their own vibrant colour; Tangy Turmeric, Smokey Barbeque and Spinach Herb & Onion.


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