Winter Wellness - How to get the most out of the colder months

There’s no need to get caught up in the winter blues this season. Romanticise the winter months with habits and practices to help you keep on top of your wellness and feel your best.

1. Keep your fluids up. 

Finding it hard to drink enough H2O? Get creative with your fluid intake by eating more water-rich fruits and vegetables like leafy greens and citrus fruits, have warm broths or soups with your meals and opt for herbal teas in place of caffeine - there’s nothing quite like that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when drinking a nice hot cuppa herbal tea. Tip: Our Echinacea Boost herbal tea is not only oh-so tasty, but also combines the traditional benefits of echinacea and elderberry with hibiscus and rosehips, renowned for their Vitamin C. Or give our Spiced Vanilla Tumeric Latte a try! With spices like ginger and cinnamon, this latte is the perfect coffee alternative and is a delicious winter warmer.

2. Move your body.

Warm up your body and release those feel-good endorphins to banish the winter blues. A mere 30 minutes of exercise is only 2% of your day, so find a workout you love (if you can't stand the cold like us, we recommend hot yoga) and get moving!

3. Cook up a storm. 

Cooking will definitely keep you busy and warm this season. It’s also the perfect opportunity to add all those nutrient-rich winter veggies that your body craves into your meals. What could be more comforting than a delicious creamy Pumpkin Soup or an Alkalising Greens Soup with a side of warm buttery bread? Yum! 

4. Get outside. 

Don’t forget about the sun! Get outdoors and make sure to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. According to the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council, it is recommended to get sun exposure for 15-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week, so try to get out in the sunshine on your lunch break or take a morning walk outside.

5. Support your immune system.

Your immune system needs a little extra TLC during the colder months, so show it some love with Morlife® Berry Active Immune to fight sickness before it begins. Featuring a wide range of nutrients, including Selenium, Zinc + Vitamins A, B6, B12, C & D, and 12 fortifying herbal extracts including Elderberry and Echinacea, this will help your body fight the good fight and ward off sickness.

6. Romanticise the winter season.

Winter is the perfect time to light a candle, rug up with a warm drink, like our Deep Sleep Remedy and a good book and take a break from the busyness of life, so above all else, use this as a chance to prioritise rest and remember to be kind to yourself.

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