Quick tips to spice up your food and excite those tastebuds

Some days you’re bursting with ideas for dinner and other days you just can’t even think of a single recipe! Ever spend an hour in the supermarket staring at all this wonderful world has to offer but nothing comes to mind?

With the countless cultural influences, cooking techniques and diets out there, you could create about a trillion recipes, but somehow we always seem to get stuck with the same food, week after week.

zucchini noodles with Superdip Mix

Variation makes food interesting and most of all; a varied diet is key to a healthy and happy body & soul. Of course it’s the easy way out not having to think of something new to cook and just going for meals you are used to making, but it’s not much fun! Changing your cooking habits is easier than you think!

Why not start to cook with whatever fruits and vegetables are in season? That way you’ll be eating the freshest and most nutritious produce available.

nachos with Superdip mix

The second golden tip is to take leftovers, unused veggies and fruit or opened jars and tins of food as your inspiration for creating quick & easy recipes. Dishes such as quiches, frittatas, vegetable patties, omelettes and pasta lend themselves well for this.

Improvising in the kitchen can be such a satisfying and rewarding accomplishment. Morlife has got your back when it comes to creating awesome flavours in any dish or snack you are preparing. Our SuperDip Mix range makes whatever savoury goodies you’re inventing taste absolutely DE-LI-CIOUS! Don’t let the name fool you; besides being awesome for making dips, these little but oh so powerful blends are incredibly handy for boosting taste & nutrition in basically any savoury recipe you chose to create!

potatos with superdip mix

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting flavoursome, nutritious and most of all easy recipes using our SuperDip Mixes! Be inspired and start creating, cooking & snacking!

Spice up your meats, fish, pastas, salads, nachos, curries, cob loaf, hummus and so much more. Be it healthy, comforting, quick & easy or challenging, anything is possible!

But really, the best part is that as long as you have our SuperDip Mixes at hand; you are already half way for a delicious snack simply by adding yogurt!

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