Forget toilet paper, rice and pasta. Berry Active Immune is here to the rescue!

The foundations of good health (and therefore strong immunity) do not change with the weather. No matter the climate, time of year or what the media is babbling about, a healthy balanced diet, moderate exercise, catching enough sleep and taking that much-needed downtime are always the basics of staying well.

But now more than ever, due to the current climate and the fact that winter is creeping up around the corner, supporting immunity has become a hot topic that is on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

So, you have the basics down, what else can you do to stay healthy over the coming months?

Well, we know that prevention is better than cure and what better way to protect yourself than with a broad range of essential nutrients and herbal extracts, specific for your immune system? That’s why we have been working tirelessly on Berry Active Immune, our baby that we are (finally) ready to release into the world, for your well-being and tasting pleasure.

So, what is Berry Active Immune?

This fruity formulation is a tasty vegan and gluten free Elderberry Fruit punch designed to protect you from all angles. With a broad range of essential nutrients including Selenium, Zinc & Vitamins A, B6, B12, C & D to bolster healthy immune function. And with 625x your recommended daily needs of Vitamin C in every serve, this blend has got your back!

Berry Active Immune will not only safeguard your wellness, but also offer free radical protection and support energy production. With 13 fortifying herbal extracts including Elderberry, Echinacea, Turmeric as well as traditional Chinese mushrooms Maitake & Shiitake which provides your body with the wide range of support it needs to defend itself.

Because we all know that immunity starts in the gut, Berry Active Immune contains herbal extracts including turmeric, black pepper and grapeseed as well as pre and pro biotics to make sure your tummy stays in tip top shape.

Berry Active Immune is also loaded with adaptogenic herbs including Siberian Ginseng and traditional Chinese mushrooms and Vitamin C to support the stress response and promote a healthy nervous system. Why? Because stress wears us down and is the number one contributor to reduced immune function. 

Berry Active Immune is the delicious elixir that'll safeguard your wellness whatever the weather.

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