Share The Love This Galentine’s Day – No Boo Needed


Let’s start off by introducing Galentine’s Day in case you’re not acquainted. This occasion is all about recognising and celebrating those special friendships you hold dearest and appreciating those who have been there for you without hesitation. Celebrated on February 13th, this un-official Valentine’s Day-eve movement has quickly become almost as popular as the actual day itself, and for good reason! Despite the name, this is definitely not a female-only holiday. No matter your gender, this is completely dedicated to showing the utmost important people in your life how much you cherish them.

Whether you honour old friends or new, community and connection are such important fundamentals of what it means to be human. There are absolutely no limitations on how best to celebrate, which makes it feel that little bit more genuine and eases the preconceived pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day. We are so blessed with besties that would do absolutely anything for us and we should let them know how ace we think they are.

The best way to celebrate is by doing whatever you and your pals will enjoy most! Whether it’s catching up for a chitchat over some wine and cheese or going on a hike through a national park, make sure it’s something you all genuinely love doing. Plan a brunch at your favourite café, get a mani-pedi or go for a swim in the ocean. Book your friends in for a dancing class to shake your booties or organize a pamper facetime with your friend who lives further away. There are endless ways to show your favourite pal you treasure their friendship with a genuine gesture. It seems we all have less disposable time at the moment, so even sending a handwritten card or letter would brighten your buddy’s week. The most important thing about Galentine’s Day is letting your friends know, from the bottom of your heart, what they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

As we all need to take a little more time to appreciate ourselves, this could be the perfect time to take a day for yourself. You work so hard to provide for everyone else that sometimes you can forget to spoil yourself, making Galentine’s Day the perfect time to indulge your OG bestie – YOU! Simply set aside a few hours to enjoy some retail therapy, pamper yourself, read a book or join that exercise group you’ve been itching to be a part of. Spoiling yourself for once and recognizing all the good you do for others will remind you how much of an incredible person you are. There is no one more important in your life than you!

We hope however you decide to spend your February 13th, you and your loved ones feel special and adored.


With love,

Morlife x


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