Get More From Your Meals This Summer Thanks To The Power Of Raw Foods


Name a better time to experiment with raw meals than summer. I’ll wait. With temperatures heating up there’s nothing more mouth-watering than digging into a cold salad which is not only super easy to prepare but even higher in nutritional value. With minimal loss of nutrients when avoiding heating or cooking, you’ll be feeling your absolute best as well as enjoying delicious dishes you might not have tried before.

Cold meals are often colourful, full of flavour and fast to create! Giving another delicious meaning to ‘fast food’, raw dishes are super easy to prepare in advance and assemble super quickly leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the warm summer weather! There is nothing worse than slaving away in a hot kitchen on boiling summer days when you could be enjoying a fresh and satisfying cold meal with oodles of in-season, locally grown produce.

Cold or raw meals are a great way to ensure you’re capitalising on all the nutrients available in your food! Cooking or processing foods can potentially destroy important nutrients and enzymes which are needed for digestion and important processes within the body. Eating foods with minimal heating ensures powerful antioxidants and minerals remain at optimum levels and can be used by the body to meet recommended requirements to keep you feeling on top of your game.

Strap in and give these suggestions a whirl! Not only are these ideas very versatile but can be mixed and matched with any of your favourite extras or paired with your favourite salads and dishes.

Our Alkalising Avocado Dressing is not only delicious by itself but can be paired with rice cakes, vegetable sticks or salads to boost your alkalising potential.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a breakfast that’s ready to eat. If you are missing a personal chef to do this for you, the next best thing is our Fruity Hemp Overnight Oats! Packed full of protein and omega fatty acids, this vegan and gluten-free goodness will keep you feeling full all morning and help provide enough energy to seize your day, every day.

Our next dish, which is the epitome of flavour and simplicity, is Alkalising Pesto, a great way to utilise fresh herbs and a super quick blend full of antioxidants. Pesto can be added to zoodles for a quick and delicious dinner or as a marinade or dressing on a cold summer salad.

Raw meals that require no cooking or processing are such a great option not only nutritionally but save hours of cooking time! Summer is a great time to experiment with new ingredients and flavours you may not have tried before; these recipes can be used for lunch or dinner inspiration as well as plates of food to share with family and friends. Everyone can benefit from including more plant foods in their diet and increasing the variety of fruit and vegetables to ensure a wide array of nutrients are being consumed. As you can see, raw meals aren’t as foreign as you may have thought and can easily be incorporated into everyone’s daily diet!


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