Superfood Spotlight: Our Nutritionist's Fave Picks


These days, the term 'superfood' is thrown around here, there and everywhere. For a food to be dubbed as 'super', it needs to have something special about it, or a crazy high amount of beneficial nutrients.

There's also a superfood that's good for just about any woe, or to support something in particular that you're need of, whether it be antioxidants, vitamins or minerals. This week, we did a Q&A with two of our nutritionists to find out a few of their nuggets of knowledge when it comes to superfoods.



Which Morlife superfood products can't you live without and why?


Actually, there are two products I can’t live without. 

Complete Gut Restore has been a godsend for me.  I have pretty much always had tummy troubles and when I am taking it, I can definitely notice the differences each day.  I’m also so happy to know that I am looking after my gut and feeding it the nutrients and prebiotic fibres it needs for optimal function. 

I also need my Beauty Brew each day.  I’m a busy mum so my morning coffee is actually a chance for me to have a bit of a me-time ritual, my caffeine hit and collagen for my skin all in one.   


I currently can’t live without Adaptogenic De-Stress. We live in such a busy society and stress is all around us. The fact I can take nutrients and herbs to help my body in an enjoyable tasting drink, has been so easy for me. The other one I can’t live without is Plantiful Protein, I have this every day to make sure I get my protein source in and to help my muscles recover after training.


What’s the weirdest thing you have ever cooked or done with a superfood?


I have totally tried brushing my teeth with turmeric & coconut oil.  It’s supposed to be a great way to whiten your teeth but I just couldn’t get past the curry taste so it wasn’t for me.  I do use a charcoal one now instead, but it’s brought not made like my turmeric concoction.  My turmeric and coconut oil are now firmly kept in the kitchen. 


I can’t say there are too many weird things I have done with superfoods. I have done oil pulling with coconut oil, which is widely researched on how it is great for your gums and your mouth health.


What superfood do you think is the most underrated?


Green spirulina.  I know that blue spirulina is an amazing superfood for food colour and rich in Phycocyanin, but in order to get the phycocyanin level so high (to make it so blue), most of the other nutrients that spirulina is so beneficial for have been removed.  So whilst it might not be as trendy, I would still choose the green over the blue for my next smoothie any day. 


Cacao. We all love chocolate but cacao is great as it curbs those chocolate cravings, but is high in antioxidants, which can support the body from free radical damage. It also contains fibre, protein, magnesium and so much more, but most importantly it makes you happy.


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