Support your New Year’s fitness resolutions with Plantiful Protein


Entering into the New Year is a great time to make a positive change and to better your wellness in any aspect you can. This can be such an exciting time to set some goals and intentions to work towards for the New Year. Whether these goals are health, wellbeing, financial, professional or personal it’s important to break these down into small and achievable steps. Setting smaller, measurable and achievable goals will help to make your New Year’s resolutions realistic and will be super motivating when you reach each milestone.

There’s no denying health and fitness related new year’s resolutions are very common. This could be due to a new-found sense of motivation or looking at the new year as a fresh start. Improving your health or wellness can cover many different aspects of your life, whether it’s to increase your fitness, drink more water, improve your nutrition or starting that new sport you’d like to try. Looking after each aspect of your wellness is vital and the most successful changes will not jeopardise any area of your health for another.

If your New Year’s resolution is fitness or health related, boy have we got a lifesaver for you. After you’ve broken down your goals into smaller and more achievable steps, it’s important to put in place strategies to help you reach your goals. If your resolution is to improve your health and fitness, we all know how important nourishing and fresh food is. Protein is so important for energy, recovery and satiety normally, let alone when you increase your physical activity! When starting to move your body more, it’s very common to feel sore, fatigued and to let those negative excuses creep in. By keeping on top of your protein intake your body will recover quicker and feel better than ever!

This is where our PLANTIFUL PROTEIN comes in! It is packed with 23g of protein per serve and is made from 4 functional plant-based proteins; a blend of Fava Bean, Hemp Seed, Pumpkin Seed and Brown Rice Proteins. This vegan and gluten free protein will support your energy and cognition with Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B. All the ingredients have been carefully selected to support overall health and general wellbeing.

This smooth and creamy protein is available in two flavours – Vanilla Fudge and Chocolate Fudge. These two delicious flavours mean its easily added to any recipes your heart desires, the Vanilla Fudge is DELISH in banana or tropical smoothies and the Chocolate Fudge can be used to make a protein pudding or chocolate protein balls. Not only will this be a scrumptious sweet treat but will get you looking forward to exercising! Plantiful Protein isn’t only for those who are breaking a sweat, it’s also a great way to introduce more protein into your diet whilst also nourishing your body with important vitamins and nutrients.

New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to focus on yourself and we could all do with a clean canvas to introduce an opportunity for change. There are bound to be little hiccups along the way, so be kind to yourself and keep going.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy new year and look forward supporting your wellness in 2022.

The Morlife family x


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