The difference between Organic & Certified Organic

Food labelling is one of the most important things to customers. Australia is set to introduce new, stricter and more transparent food labelling laws in 2016, signifying the shift in importance and customer mindset about what we read on a product package. With so many food products labelled ‘organic’ or ‘Certified Organic’ confusion can arise as to what the difference really is. We have broken it down to help explain what it means for a food to be organic and which source is more reliable to ensure the food is actually organic.

For a food product to be ‘organic’, it must be grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation. The same approach applies for animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products. They must be free from antibiotics or growth hormones.

‘Certified Organic’ is a registered trademark which has its own strict standard that has been approved by the government. It means the food or 100% of the ingredients in the product are organic. Australian Certified Organic routinely and randomly audits and tests businesses and products that use this law. The strict standards of ‘Certified Organic’ provides a quality guarantee that the products are 100% organic. This ensures trust and reliability that what you are buying matches the product quality that it is claiming to be.

difference between organic and certified organic

To label a food ‘organic’, there is no certification or standards required. This means foods can feature the word ‘organic’ in their title and not contain a single organic ingredient. To put it simply, if you want to ensure your food is organic, Certified Organic is the only way to go, it is a guarantee that the food is 100% organic. If a company or product has been labelled with Certified Organic it means it has voluntarily opted to adhere to these stricter requirements to bring you a truly organic product. This means the company must source its product from farmers who meet these conditions. A product that meets the Certified Organic standard will feature the Australian Certified Organic logo (as below). 

Morlife has a variety of Australian Certified Organic products across its product categories. Some popular Certified Organic accredited products include our Freeze Dried Acai PowderBeetroot Powder, seeds and grains including Chia SeedsQuinoa Grains and Flakes, and boosting powders such as MacaSpirulina, and Wheatgrass.

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