Say goodbye to restrictive diet culture with nutritionist Bec Miller

Qualified nutritionist Bec Miller has been making waves in the health and wellness space with her sustainable and holistic approach to nutrition that helps you break free from toxic dieting and lose weight for good.

Her passion for educating on the power of nutrition culminates in her signature 3 Week Body Reset, an all-inclusive program that empowers you to feel in-control, have increased energy and helps to tackle stubborn bloating without the need for a heavily restrictive diet.

Bec's philosophy delves into the need to boost several body functions, like gut health and sleep quality, in order to ensure weight loss success.

If you are looking for support with your weight loss journey, we encourage you to check out Bec's 3 Week Body Reset, for research-backed meal plans and access to support from a community of like-minded individuals. Read more on Bec's approach below.

Get to know Bec

My name is Bec Miller aka Health with Bec and I am a qualified nutritionist and Perth-based foodie who helps women who have tried it all when it comes to losing weight and feeling less bloated. I help women slim down and lose the bloat with a sustainable approach that they can adopt and follow for life, enabling them to be free of the toxic yo-yo dieting cycle.

My passion for this work and the non-stop fire in my belly to constantly help more and more women has come from my own health journey, where I healed my unexplained chronic gut issues (that went hand-in-hand with weight maintenance difficulties). I did this by making the right dietary changes and tweaks and have eaten this way ever since. This is now the exact approach that I teach others! I believe that life's too short to eat boring food or to miss out on life's joys - like going out for dinner and drinking a glass of wine. If you want to lose weight or fix your bloating concerns, you CAN do it in a way that keeps the foodie side of you happy, without feeling constantly hungry and like you're missing out!

My #1 Protein Powder

Plantiful Protein was one of the only protein powders I could consume when I was healing my chronic gut issues in my early 20s that didn't leave me feeling bloated. I continue to be absolutely obsessed with it because it tastes so amazing, makes it easy for me to hit my protein goals each day, has no sugar, and allows me to create high-protein meals and snacks that taste like dessert - yet aren't. I can satisfy my sweet tooth whilst nourishing my body at the same time and I know that I will be kept full and satisfied without the bloat. It's such a win-win!

The essential link between gut health and weight loss 

Your microbiome (all of the microbes in your intestines) influences how food is digested and absorbed and how dietary fats are stored in your body. Your microbiome can also impact the production of hunger hormones, such as ghrelin, which controls whether you feel hungry or full! Also, when your gut becomes inflamed, it can compromise the integrity and permeability of its lining, which can then cause system-wide inflammation in your body. If this is an ongoing occurrence, the high levels of inflammation can make it harder for you to lose weight. Reducing inflammation in your gut and body is a HUGE factor to consider in your weight loss journey, it's not just about calories in / calories out, there are many more things to think about and get right!

How neglecting sleep can affect your ability to lose weight

When you’re not getting enough quality sleep and become sleep-deprived, it can make weight loss a lot trickier! This is due to a variety of factors.

Firstly, sleep deprivation can increase your appetite. Someone who sleeps between 5-6 hours will have a higher appetite than someone sleeping between 7-9 hours per night. This subsequently makes you want to eat more and it can be really hard to eat in the calorie deficit that you have set for your weight loss. 

Secondly, the less sleep you get, the less likely you will be able to complete your exercise routine. The better rested you are, the better your mindset is and the higher your energy is to perform a workout with maximum effort. You're far more likely to skip your daily exercise when you're tired, which is another factor that contributes to weight gain or an inability to lose it.

Thirdly, not getting enough sleep sets your brain up to make bad decisions as it dulls the activity in the brain’s frontal lobe, this is where decision-making and impulse control occurs. It’s kind of like being drunk! Your ability to stick to your healthy habits is decreased as you don’t have the mental clarity to make smart decisions.

And lastly, sleep deprivation can cause you to crave more of the 'wrong' foods! When you’re overtired, your brain's reward centre called the mesolimbic dopamine system gets activated. Dopamine is a brain chemical released by neurons when we consume sweet, energy-rich foods. These dopamine hits increase your desire to eat rewarding food like a piece of cake, over an apple.

Why collagen is a must-have in my daily routine

I like to take collagen to reduce signs of aging and optimise the growth of my hair and nails. I also take it for the positive effects that it has on gut health. With gut health always being front of mind for me, it's a welcome addition because collagen has been found to soothe, repair and strengthen the gut lining. Collagen's complex array of amino acids can help prevent intestinal inflammation as well. For anyone that is looking to reduce system-wide inflammation in their body - this is the place to start. When your gut is inflamed or your gut lining is compromised, this can cause issues throughout the entire body, including arthritis, acne, joint pain, and painful periods to name a few... It ALL starts in the gut!



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