What We Served Up For Morning Tea

Morning Tea

At Morlife, we love any reason to put on a spread. So, when we put our hand up to host a morning tea to fundraise for The Cancer Council, you can bet we went all out!

Forget your typical dry sponge cake, this morning tea did not disappoint. It’s not a morning tea without, well, tea - we served up our favourite Chamomile Mellow and Echinacea Boost Herbal teas, both warm and iced. We knew we needed something with a little ‘wow’ factor, so of course, our Morlife X Ashy Bines Clean Treats were on the menu, and boy did they go fast.

We put a twist on our Morlife X Ashy Bines Banana Bread by adding Morlife dried blueberries to the mix (game changer), this was definitely a crowd pleaser. A few other Clean Treat favourites were added to the table – our gooey and decadent Raw Double Choc Brownies and Collagen Fudge, and our office top-picks; Dough-nutty, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Choc Chip.

For those chocoholics, we opened up our Dark Chocolate Coated 5 Nut Mix and 5 Berry Mix, no surprise they were devoured as fast as they were served up.

Morning Tea

To balance out our pallets we threw in some savoury goodies to the spread, whipping together our amazing Hemp Falafel Mix and power coupled it with our Tangy Turmeric Super Dip to dress it up.

Our teams were extra generous with their donations to the Cancer Councils amazing cause, and everyone left our successful Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, satisfied and oh-so-full.




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