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According to several accounts, barley grass has been used as a health food for over 5,000 years or even much longer. That it is still popular today is testament to its qualities and the usefulness it offers.
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Barley Grass — a Traditional yet Modern Health Supplement

The barley grass we supply is picked young, so the shoots are sweet and tender. And we sell it in powdered form since it’s easier to mix with drinks and any food. After cutting, the grass is dried at low temperatures to preserve its nutrients and is then ground into powder to produce a superior barley green product.

Organic barley grass powder is packed with fibre and also contains calcium, magnesium and protein, the latter contributing to muscle growth. Its iron content helps to reduce fatigue whilst it’s also a source of zinc and vitamin E. As well as being 100% organic and is suitable for vegans.

Thousands of years ago, barley grass, was used to treat skin inflammation, issues with the liver and blood, and to generally improve health and increase strength. Today, it’s still believed to have many benefits for health.

It’s a natural detoxifier, the beta-carotene and chlorophyll contained in it helping to eliminate waste materials and get rid of the harmful toxins resulting from eating junk food. It’s also thought to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels and so can be useful for those suffering from type 2 diabetes or at risk of developing it. This is due to the antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that barley grass contains.

The Benefits you get when you Buy Barley Grass Powder

Although barley grass powder can’t prevent osteoporosis, it contains significantly more calcium than milk and, together with copper, can improve bone health. It also contains manganese that is necessary for bone production and so can slow the development of osteoporosis, help broken bones to heal and generally ensure your bones are in good condition.

Vitamin C in barley grass supports the immune system and helps to prevent colds and flu. The grass also contains selenium that improves your skin’s elasticity and protects it from harmful factors such as wind and UV rays from the sun.

Because barley grass contains insoluble fibre, it makes your stomach feel full, so you’re less likely to eat between meals. That, as well as providing necessary vitamins and minerals, can help you lose weight, and so avoid other problems. It’s also thought to help to prevent or alleviate asthma due to its antioxidants and vitamins C and E as well as helping you to avoid various other diseases.

Improve your Health the Easy Way

All in all, if you buy barley grass powder, you can use it to boost your health generally and avoid various illnesses. You can eat it raw on its own but are more likely to have it with something else. Incorporate it into a salad, add it as a component to any meal or blend it into a smoothie.

However you take your barley grass, it can be an important element of a balanced diet. It helps your digestion and blood supply, reinvigorates your body and generally makes you feel better. So buy barley grass powder online from us and improved health will be that much closer.

We also stock a wide range of wheat grass and mesquite powder.

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