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The answer to wellness

Get more energy, more focus & live in the moment

How much have you wanted to 'jumpout of your skin', have a load ofenergy, live in the moment to feel asyou wake up today and say '"today isa great time to attack life"

The ANSWER is good food

This basic truth is that all good food diets have not considered this underlying factor that when we do, this time we will ensure WELLNESS.

Morlife's research nutritionists are driven to find the answer - the link - the nutrients needed in our diet - to ensure the best body/cell functions to ensure wellness.

The reality is that there are basically two types of food. Acidifying food like milk, cheese, meat, protein that after digestion leave an acidic residue.

The other type of food are alkalising foods such as vegetables and fruits that after digestion leave an alkaline residue.

This means our cells live in an acid-alkaline state, having a pH 7.35. Our body functions work best when the cells are at a slightly alkaline state.

The key part to know is that we eat far too much acidifying foods


So how about moving our diet to having more alkalising foods, like some spinach with breakfast,  a salad at lunch with the chicken, and greens juice at tea. By while this moves the percentage of alkalising foods in the pie graph, it is far from what our body needs. We must move our food intake, massively to consuming far more alkalising foods.

Reduce these foods

Increase these foods

Eat more of these alkalising foods

When you know it, you get it!

The trick is that while we all may be eating better and feeling well - we all know we can still get a lot more from our body function, and be ‘more in life’. So what is the real secret?

When you truly understand the power of alkalising you will be confident that you will achieve the goal of wellness. When you know it, you get it!

The simple answer is as shown in the pie graph in moving from eating 70% acidifying foods to 70% alkalising. Knowing what is alkalising could be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and effective way to alkalise? And if you could feel some benefits of alkalising, a taste of wellness then you would be far more motivated to change your diet?

The simple, effective alkalising supplement

To ensure customers could feel confident in using the Alkalising Greens we needed to prove the alkalising benefit.

To create the most effective alkalising product, Morlife has proved an alkalising benefit would occur as measured by USDA, PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) scale. The Morlife Alkalising Greens® had a PRAL measure of between -127 & -137, showing it is highly alkalising.

A 2017 Masters research thesis at Griffith University, in a double blind study proved 20 grams of our previous Alkalising Greens® formula produced an increase in urine pH, showing Alkalising Greens® had a powerful alkalising benefit. Knowing this, you can only imagine what our latest formula can do!



And the truth is, your challenge is to eat less acidifying foods than you normally do - some will be ‘good’, BUT you will sometimes eat food like chocolate biscuits. After a few times these will not taste so good - weird but true. You will also look forward to the likes of salads and greens. Nothing tastes as good as wellness feels. We’ve made it easier for you to have an alkalising diet and we are really confident that we got it right.

The reality is that change can be really exciting. You can become the ‘new you’ full of energy, truly alive! What we will do, over time is work to motivate you to ensure you do gain wellness. The truth is, you may hit some real challenges. At any touch times there are answers. To get past these it would be absolutely great to commit yourself to getting on what we call the Alkalising Diet for at least 30 days to prove how good you can feel after making a decision NOW, and make this a lifetime choice.

The Morlife business mission is to find through research the link of what nutrients - better body function to wellness like being relaxed, having good digestion, being the best version of yourself.

The Morlife Mission

Our aim is to continue to prove to you that the right nutritional intake will ensure you gain true wellness. We say alkalising is the first step to WELLNESS.

Do you really know how good it could feel to be fully well, in life and getting more out of life? Well, if we feel it, we get it. We will be more motivated to move more onto an alkalising diet and take a high nutrition supplement in order to gain such true wellness.

The Morlife Business Mission

Nutrition solution to a nutrition puzzle.

Be with Morlife on your wellness seeking journey