10 Fun & Creative Uses For Morlife's Tea Range

To celebrate our new and exciting 16 Tea Range, we’ve thought outside the box. Take a look at our list of fun and unique ways you can incorporate our tea range into your life!

1. Cooking
Gone are the days of just drinking tea, you can use Morlife’s Tea Bags in cooking by incorporating them into cakes, slices, fudge, dressings and stews! They also make a great marinade for meats and fish.

2. Cleaning
Save those leftover teabags for the next time you’re cleaning your house. Simply place 2-3 teabags in a bowl of water and use to polish furniture, shine wood floors, clean mirrors or windows or clean benchtops. We recommend our Emperor Green Teabags.

3. Freshen up those peepers
Say goodbye to cucumbers by keeping 2 Green Antiox Teabags after you’ve enjoyed your brew! Ensuring they’re still wet, place the teabags on your eyes to help sooth and replenish.

4. Feed your garden
Instead of throwing your teabags away once you’ve finished, re-brew them in a bucket of water and pour onto your plants! This helps fertilize the soil and deter garden pests and bugs, it may also protect them from fungal infections.

5. Neutralize odours
Tea is a great natural deodorizer, try storing our Senna Klenz Teabags which contain lemon myrtle, in a cup of water in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh. You can also place the used teabags on the bottom of your rubbish bin to neutralise bad smells.

6. Get Crafty
Steep your used teabags into water then use the left over water to dye paper. Our Nettle Revive and Red Bush Teas give an excellent dark sepia colour to paper giving it that antique/parchment feel. A great idea for school projects, props, or invitations!

7. Hydrate your skin
Clean and hydrate your skin with our Emperor Green Teabags. You can check out our Green Tea Face toner here to see how to make it.

8. Fragrant Clothes
Place a few fresh Chamomile Mellow Teabags in your dresser to keep your clothes smelling nice. Chamomile Mellow has a soft peachy lavender smell.

9. Minty Fresh Mouth Wash
Keep your breath minty fresh by making an all natural mild mouthwash. Using our Guarana Spirit Teabags which has a minty flavour, brew up a strong batch of tea then allow to cool in the fridge. Use whenever you feel like freshening up.  

10. Unwind in a relaxing bath
Try placing a couple of Hops Slumber Teabags after you’ve enjoyed your tea into the bath for a relaxing and dreamy soak, perfect just before bed or after a long week. Raspberry Dream is another great addition to your bath, add a few used teabags into the water for a berry antioxidant skin soak.


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