2019 Holiday Gift Guide – A Little Something for Everyone

So you haven’t done your Christmas shopping. We get it. Christmas creeps up on everyone, us included. Why do you think we’re releasing a gift guide a week out from the big day? Yeah, it’s a problem. And don’t even get us started on the traffic, the crowds and the uncertainty of what to buy. It can all be a bit overwhelming. If you’re stumped on what to get your loved ones and keen to avoid the masses, peep our holiday gift guide for goodies that’ll please every party on your list, all available to purchase from the comfort of your home in just a few clicks.

To find out if your order will arrive in-time for Christmas, we suggest giving us a call on 5571 7744. Alternatively, (for our local customers), you are more than welcome to visit our show room and grab your goodies from there.

You can also find us at your nearest Go Vita and other selected health food stores :)


The Wellness Warrior

With so much to do and so little time, being unwell just isn’t an option. Give this tireless trooper the support and energy they need to keep on keepin’ on throughout the holiday period and into the New Year with our powerhouse range of potent greens. Oh, and did we mention we also have a recipe book? wink wink ;)

Alkalising Greens®

Collagen Pantry™

The Greens Recipe Book



The Glowy Goddess

Youthful, dewy skin is the name of the game and it hasn’t been easy to play, until now. Help this beauty buff achieve a natural, lasting glow with the beautiful benefits of collagen supplementation. No need for an excessive skin care routine or heavy make-up, they’ll fall in love with the skin they’re in and forever worship the ground you walk on.

Collagen Pantry™


Other collagen powders



The Superfood Fanatic

They’re the health forum creepin’, longevity seekin’, self-proclaimed hippie of your tight knit group. Rumor has it they’re so far beyond peak health they’ve pretty much transcended, so support their journey into the next realm with our extensive selection of superfoods for a truly third-eye opening experience.





Seeds and Grains




The Functional Foodie

Achieving wellness doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing fun and flavour. Treat your fellow foodie to our tasty range of mixes and meals for grub that’s good in every way.


The Cuppa Connoisseur

Your mate with the mug. You know the one. Seeing them without a cuppa in hand is like seeing someone who usually wears glasses go without. It’s just…weird. Keep them complete with our extensive range of teas for any and every occasion.

Tea Range




The Latte Lover

Forever pushing the limits of ‘how fast can my heart beat before I need to call an ambulance?’, this caffeine fiend has more keep cups than they can count and believes ‘but first, coffee’ isn’t just a quirky one-liner but a legitimate way of life. Since they love a good brew, why not give ‘em something that’s going to love them back?


Collagen Pantry™



The Gym Junkie

When you’re a walking mass of beautifully sculpted muscle, it’s so important to nurture those gains with quality nutrition. Treat your hardworking pal to a little somethin’ from our fitness range so they can maintain their results and continue to kill it time and time again.

Collagen Pantry™

Plantiful Protein

Whey Protein

Vegan Protein





The Keto Queen (Or king. This diet ain’t got no gender!)

They’re a high fat, low carb, calorie-burning machine who can turn down pasta, yes PASTA, like it ain’t nothin’ but a thing. We don’t know how they do it, but we commend they’re willpower nonetheless. Support their journey and keep ‘em on track with scrummy staple goodies from our keto range.

Collagen Pantry™


Morlife x Ashy Bines



The Party Animal

Though they’ve spent the last three Sunday mornings on Snap vowing never to drink again, you somehow have a feeling the following weekend will consist of more or less the same antics. Support your friend and their thoroughly shaken liver with our powerful detox beverages to help ‘em bounce back before their next big night out.


The Chocoholic

In an ice-cream shop with 101 flavours, they’ll choose classic chocolate every time. It’s not just a preference, it’s a deep rooted love and one that makes them very, very happy. So give the chocoholic in your life what their heart truly desires with our premium range of cocoa and cacao products.








Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash


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