How To Cleanse And Treat Your Skin Naturally


Winter is setting in, and with the season change comes a new set of skincare woes. Dry, flakey skin, check. While the rest of us were scrambling to figure out how to adapt our skincare, we couldn't help but admire our gorgeous graphic designer Casey's dewy, glowy skin. Adjectives every woman strives for when it comes to skin year round. So when she kindly spilled her all natural beauty regime to us, we knew this was something we could definitely get behind. Originally we had Casey feature her regime on our Instagram story (@morlife_) but since we had so many messages and questions come through we decided to give her amazing advice a permanent home.

Here Casey divulges her skin care routine for your skin perfecting pleasure:

"I could talk about oil based beauty routines all damn day, I am obsessed! 

Oils are so good for your face as your skin knows what to do with oils as they resemble the same cell structure our skin is made of. This means the nutrients in the oils are all soaked up by our skin and keeps it hydrated while balancing our oil production (fighting pimples - woohoo!)" 
Oil Cleanser
Oil Cleanser:
Use castor oil as the base - the beauty powerhouse! Castor oil is an astringent and pulls impurities from the skin making it a great cleanser. Castor oil is quite powerful so a good guide is about 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 the combo of any other oil(s).

Any combination of natural (or plant-based) oils can be added to the mix, depending on your skin’s needs. I use avocado oil because my skin is sensitive and pimple-prone and responds well to avocado oil as it’s ultra hydrating, a great anti-inflammatory and the fatty acids help keep the skin plump! 

Pour the oils into a small bottle (I just use a travel size shampoo bottle) and shake up a little to make sure the oils combine. I keep mine in the bathroom where I wash my face, and it can stay out on the counter or in the shower as the oils are unaffected by the temperature. 

Simply rub a few drops of the oil cleanser to your dry skin and massage in. Wash off with water and gently wipe off remaining oil (to ensure all makeup & dirt is gone). After that I do one more round, just another drop or two, and leave on. That way all the makeup and dirt is gone and my skin has a chance to absorb all the goodness from the oils! 

I then follow with 2-3 drops of serum (or if you prefer, a combo of your own oils) before going to bed and before I leave home in the morning. If you have oily skin, you may not need to moisturise after oil cleansing but for my sensitive and pimple-prone skin the nutritious ingredients in the serum is like giving my skin a multi vitamin, encouraging it to heal and stay calm.  Look for a serum with Vitamin E (like sweet almond oil) to protect skin from nasties & boosts collagen production. It loves a buddy so  look out for Vitamin C (Maracuja oil & argon oil) as well which will brighten your complexion. A key ingredient I use is also retinol  which helps the cells renew & heal quickly.
About twice a week I will treat my skin a little more and do an exfoliate or face mask. To keep my skin soft and give it a glow, I follow my cleansing routine with about a teaspoon of bicarb soda and gentle massage the powder into the leftover oil face. Wash off with water and follow with either a face mask or serum. 
My face mask is very calming and dries those pimples out, so it makes a great weekly treatment! Cover face with a thin layer (targeting trouble areas if needed) and wash off with warm water after about 5-10 minutes or you have felt it set. Make sure you follow with a serum, as the skin needs to hydrate after a mask or exfoliate so it doesn’t produce a whole lotta oil it doesn’t need to.  Kaolin Clay is a great base for masks as it works to reduce the production of sebum and detoxifies the skin. I always look for soothing ingredients to team with it like rosehip oil, jojoba oil or aloe vera, included in this mask which makes it such a great one for sensitive skins! 
There is nothing it can't do! The everything balm is a great healing booster and antibacterial ninja, so it goes on my pimples they pop up and over any trouble areas before I go to sleep at night and it does it's thing to heal and treat so my skin is renewed when I wake the next morning!  The key ingredient is castor oil with tea tree (anti-bacterial) & vinaza grape which boost skins elasticity, acts as an astringent & prevents moisture loss. 
Your skin is such a reflection of your inner health, that’s why taking Alkalising Greens has helped me so much! Helping me to be more alkaline gives the cells of my skin a booster in regeneration and glow. My greens gives me my pre & probiotics to help balance out some of my less positive skin choices (hello entire box of Krispy Kremes) and the magnesium helps to improve skin’s overall appearance. My health is improved, so my skin has as well! Plus it’s convenient and actually tastes good (my favourite is Lemon Lime!)
Thank you so much Casey for sharing your amazing tips! Want even more natural beauty ideas? Read how to make your own Beet Lip Balm here. 

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