How To Woo Your Boo This Valentine’s Day


If you’re lucky enough to have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, whether it’s your first V-Day together or your 15th, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to make them feel as special as possible. But sometimes that can be tricky when all the gifts your local mall have to offer feel super generic and impersonal, which is why we’re swinging by to lend a helping hand.

In this blog, we’re bringing you our top tips to making this Valentine’s Day extra special for your little honeypie, bringing you two love birds closer than ever before. Yep, just call us Cupid.

And don’t worry, if you’re making your way through the lovey dovey season alone, we’ve got a blog for you riiight here ;)

Think outside the box

Instead of chocolate, roses and jewellery (unless of course your honey really likes tradition, then by all means go for it), opt for something a little more tailored to their tastes. Maybe it’s a shirt at a store they’ve been eyeing for weeks or something they briefly mentioned in passing. This is a great way to show that you listen to them, and they’re guaranteed to get far more use out of it because it’s something they genuinely want. 

And their gift doesn’t have to be an item either, actions are just as valuable. Hate cooking? Make them a beautiful Valentine’s Day dinner, it will mean so much to them because you’re going out of your comfort zone to make them happy. Even if it turns out disastrous and you end up ordering pizza, at least you tried and if they love you, they’ll appreciate it nonetheless. 

Take a trip down memory lane… literally

Take your boo to a place that has significance to the both of you. Perhaps it’s the cafe you went to on your first date or the park where you shared your first kiss. Wherever you go, a place rich with memories you’ve shared will make the day feel ten times more special.

Vocalise your feelings for them

Remember, people only see our actions, not our intentions. You probably think your honey is the best thing since sliced bread, but how will they know if you don’t give them a little reminder every now and then? Make a conscious effort to tell your Valentine just how much you love them and why you love them. Point out your favourite characteristics about them; their eyes, their gentle nature, make it personal to them.

We hope these tips bring a little extra spark to your relationship this Valentine’s day. 


All our love,

Morlife xx


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