Introducing Turmeric Tonic: Ginger, Spice and All Things Nice

Herbal teas are some of the cheapest, healthiest beverages you can drink. Tea has been enjoyed as a health-promoting habit around the world for over 4000 years, valued for both its medicinal qualities and taste. Research has shown that teas offer many health perks, which change depending on the plant but all stem from the variety of phytochemicals that offer antioxidants and other balancing benefits. Tea is also a good vessel for hydration, something we could all use a helping hand with.

Herbal tea is made from the flowers, leaves or roots of plants and herbs. Most are caffeine free, with the exclusion of green tea and guarana, which contain a small amount of caffeine, although nowhere near the amount found in coffee. That is why you’ll often hear of people swapping their coffee for green tea as the high caffeine content in coffee can make them jittery and anxious. Substituting with green tea will still provide that much needed kick.

If you couldn’t already tell by the extensive range we have available along with our blatant enthusiasm, we love herbal tea here at Morlife. That is why we’re so excited to introduce our brand new baby, Turmeric Tonic. Revitalising, caffeine-free and formulated as always by our in-house team of naturopaths, this intimate elixir will nourish your insides and leave you with a wonderfully warm sense of wellbeing. 


Why another tea?

Turmeric is a cherished herb, popular among naturopaths and the general public. And for good reason - It has a high antioxidant capacity and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for strengthening and balancing the body from within. Knowing this, we knew it was our duty to create a tea dedicated to this incredible spice. Turmeric Tonic is also a great aid for warming sluggish digestion, and since we’re currently all about the gut, what better time to launch this body-loving brew than now!


What makes Turmeric Tonic so good?

Different spices do different things, so combining a selection is far more beneficial than consuming a singular spice on its own. That is why we have chosen to pair our main star with Ginger and Licorice root which are both well-known for soothing and supporting the tummy.

In terms of taste, our Turmeric Tonic is far from the bright yellow curries you’re likely thinking of. This tummy-loving tea takes turmeric to another dimension, merging punchy ginger with the refreshing citrusy-sweet notes of Lemon Myrtle and Orange Peel. What’s more, Turmeric Tonic will get your taste buds tingling (literally) thanks to the addition of chilli and black pepper, making for an amazing, aromatic flavour.

Combined with the warming element of Ginger, our Turmeric Tonic is perfect for this time of year, when all we want is a nice hot cuppa to battle the cold. It is also a great option for those looking for a healthy alternative to caffeinated beverages.

Here’s the herbal tea, sis

Here at Morlife, we have a diverse range of teas available, each with their own unique and beneficial properties. Have a read over our naturopathically formulated range below to find which brew(s) best suits you!


Chai Excell
Spiced Cinnamon


Morlife’s Chai Excell is the perfect tea to sip on for a focused tea break. With its deliciously soothing spiced cinnamon flavour, it will warm you up from the inside out. It consists of a delightful blend of Indian spices and red bush, and it also features adaptogenic herbs Bacopa and Ginkgo for a twist of goodness.

Morlife’s Chai Excell is free from caffeine leaving you with a wonderful warm sense of wellbeing.

Chamomile Mellow
Peachy Perfect

Enjoy a moment of calmness with Morlife’s Chamomile Mellow. With its peachy perfect flavour, it is a delightfully delicate taste to enjoy. Containing chamomile plus rosehip granules and lavender flowers it is the perfect tea to sit down and relax with.

Morlife’s Chamomile Mellow is the perfect gentle and soothing tea with the delicately sweet flavour and aroma of chamomile flowers.

Dande Detox
Juicy Apple Cinnamon


Morlife’s Dande Detox is a revitalising tea with a delicious juicy apple cinnamon flavour. Consisting of dandelion root, milk thistle seeds plus cleavers, its traditional use dates back to the Albanian physicians in the 10th century.

Morlife’s Dande Detox is a delightful cup of tea that will bring a total sense of wellbeing from the inside out.

Echinacea Boost
Acai Blackcurrant Burst


Nothing tastes as good as wellness feels with Morlife’s Echinacea Boost. Bursting with delicious acai blackcurrant flavour you’ll have the perfect berry tea fusion to keep you on top of your game. This delightful tea consists of Echinacea, elderberry, hibiscus flowers and rosehips for its wonderful benefits.

Morlife’s Echinacea Boost is a unique, bold and berry flavoured tea fusion to enjoy throughout the day for a boost of goodness.

Emperor Green
Simply Green


Morlife’s Emperor Green tea contains the finest green tea leaves that have been delicately dried to ensure maximum quality and fresh taste.

Fenugreek Flow
Black Liquorice


Morlife’s Fenugreek Flow in black liquorice flavour consists of a unique blend of herbs including fenugreek, fennel seed and aniseed. Fenugreek has been traditionally used since the Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman Empires; it was particularly enjoyed by breastfeeding mothers.

Morlife’s Fenugreek Flow is a nourishing tea to sit down with, take a breather and relax.

Ginger Digest
Ginger Glow


Morlife’s Ginger Digest with its Ginger Glow taste makes a perfect bold and invigorating tea. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been used by Chinese and Indian cultures as a tonic for over 5000 years.

Morlife’s Ginger Digest makes the perfect revitalising tea to enjoy after a meal.

Green Antiox
Berrylicious Burst


Add a berrylicious burst to your day with Morlife’s Green Tea Antiox. Legend has it that green tea was first brewed over 4500 years ago, when Emperor Shennone accidentally drank water that had a tea leaf boiled in it.

Morlife’s Green Tea Antiox is the perfect green tea fusion complete with refreshing hints of berry.

Guarana Spirit
Minty Lift


Guarana Spirit is an energising flavoured tea fusion.  A perfect revitalizing coffee alternative to stop, relax, then get up & go.

Hops Slumber
Dreamy Mango


Morlife’s Hops Slumber is a unique and delightful drink with a tropical twist thanks to its delicious dreamy mango flavour.

Containing Hops, which have been used since the 1500s, it also features passionflower, lemon balm, and valerian root.

Morlife’s Hops Slumber is the perfect tea to soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Juniper Flush
Strawberry Crush


Juniper has a broad history of traditional use dating back to the Ancient Greeks and is commonly known today in gin making and for its culinary uses.  Juniper Flush is a unique and nourishing strawberry and cranberry flavoured tea fusion. 

Morlife’s Juniper Flush is a deliciously nourishing tea bursting with berry flavours and beneficial goodies.

Licorice Zinga
Liquorice Allsorts


Morlife’s Licorice Zinga in licorice all-sorts flavour is all kinds of wonderful! Licorice Zinga consists of licorice root, rosehip, Withania root, Siberian ginseng and aniseed to bring you an abundance of benefits. Dating back to the ancient civilisations, Licorice root has been used world-wide with the root even found in the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Morlife’s Licorice Zinga is the best licorice tea fusion to help you take a break and relax.

Nettle Revive
Fruity Forestberry


Revive and revitalise with Morlife’s Nettle Revive in the deliciously fruity forestberry flavour. Consisting of nettle leaf which has been used traditionally as a herbal tea since at least 3B.C., it also contains rosehip and hibiscus for added benefits.

Morlife’s Nettle Revive is a delightfully delicious and beneficial tea to sip on and enjoy the day ahead.

Raspberry Dream
Raspberry Rush


Nourish yourself with Morlife’s Raspberry Dream in the deliciously fruity Raspberry rush flavour. Consisting of raspberry leaf and rosehip, raspberry leaf has been traditionally used as a herbal tea since before medieval times, particularly during pregnancy as a female tonic.

Morlife’s Raspberry Dream is a nourishing and fruity tea perfect for anytime of the day.    

Red Bush
Simply Rooibos


Morlife’s Red Bush is the perfect caffeine free alternative compared to regular black tea. Containing red bush which is a well renowned South African native herb, it is filled with wonderful benefits. With its unique full bodied but refreshing & slightly nutty taste, it is the perfect tea to sip on throughout the day.

Senna Klenz
Lemon Myrtle Fresh


Morlife’s Senna Klenz in lemon myrtle fresh flavour is the perfect revitalising lemon flavoured tea fusion to get you going. Consisting of senna leaf, peppermint, rosehip, fennel seed, marshmallow root, lemon balm and lemon myrtle, senna has traditionally been used for thousands of years, with the first recordings by Arabian physicians in the 9th century.

Morlife’s Senna Klenz is a refreshing tea fusion, especially suitable before bed as a nightcap.


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Photo 3 by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

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