5 Secrets To Enjoy Running (Even If You Think You Hate It)

Do you ever see those people up early going for their morning run and think to yourself, how the heck are they actually enjoy doing that everyday? They clearly have to be out of their minds!  Not to mention those people that run marathons as a hobby. The only running that seems moderately exciting is chasing the ice cream van down the street to get a good old choc top. So how do thousands of people around the world get up and happily tell themselves ‘I’m going for a run today’? There has to be some sort of secret to it. The thing is, for most people, running is a form of therapy, but the free kind. It’s a time where you are able to tune out from the world and plug into your favourite tunes or just zone out and take time for yourself while physically benefiting your body.  Here’s a few of hot tips to get you on your way to lacing up your sneakers and hitting the pavement.

woman wearing black leggings, black crop top, and black Nike running shoes


People tend to think running involves going fast and going for miles and miles - this isn’t the case, especially for beginners. If you’re just starting out try just power walking and gradually work your way up to jogging, then to running. Let your body naturally and gradually adjust to running instead of pushing yourself to torturous limits before you’re ready – this will lead to you hating running, and that’s not the goal here. You should be able to hold a conversation while running, if you’re gasping for air, you’re going too fast. Don’t think you need to push yourself to run a whole mile without stopping if it’s your first or even second time either. If you need to stop to walk for a minute, then walk it out and start again, this is the best way to gradually run longer and longer over time.  There’s no need to jump straight into it like a pro athlete, be kind to your body.


Not a fan of spending minutes that feel like hours on the treadmill? Find a location or running path that is visually stimulating (aka distracting) and that will make running instantly more enjoyable, not to mention the fresh air! This is one of our favourite tricks whether your pounding the pavement in the city or you've opted for full outdoors. 

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Sometimes running and even casual walking can drag on and get a little bit boring, so why not grab your earphones and put on your favourite tunes or podcast to help you get in the zone. Music can boost your mood and performance. Create a killer upbeat playlist that will get you pumped up and motivated for the run ahead.


If you live in your active wear just like us, you’d know how good the feeling is when you buy a brand new pair of tights that fit and hug just the right places. There’s nothing worse than going for a run and feeling unsupported and distracted by your well loved pants rolling down with each stride you take. Luckily TwentyFive apparel is here to save the day – we are absolutely loving their Harper Sports Tights – featuring compression and moisture wicking elements that are sure to keep you feeling firm and fresh on your run.


It’s easy to chuck on your sneakers and hit the same track everyday but eventually you’ll probably get bored of it if you have no end goal. Every time you tie up your laces, set yourself a realistic goal as to what you want to achieve on this run – whether it be, you wanting to be able to run the entire length of one song, run to the second light post instead of first this time, or that you want to finally run the whole distance of the track, if you have a goal in mind you will be more motivated to smash it out.


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